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10 Surprising Health Curry Leaves Benefits

Curry is a popular spice in many corners of the world, especially in India, Pakistan, and parts of Africa. Unlike its powder form, the Curry leaf (Murraya Koenigii) is often overlooked. Curry leaves are often referred to as superfoods because of their many research-backed positive effects on the body. There are hundreds of research papers dedicated to this herb and the host of benefits it offers. Chef schools such as CulinaryLabSchool are even starting to specialize in creative and healthy recipes that allow you to seamlessly incorporate curry leaves into your diet. Here are 10 surprising health Curry leaves benefits that I bet you didn’t know.

1. Weight Loss

Research shows that curry leaves have properties which regulate cholesterol in the body while increasing metabolic rate. The human metabolic rate is a measure of how quickly the body can convert food products into energy. A faster metabolic rate allows a person to burn fat more quickly and will eventually lead to weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Curry leaves also contain an alkaloid known as mahanimbine which has fat- burning properties and gets rid of bad cholesterol clusters in the body.


The best results are achieved when Curry leaves are consumed in the form of tea. Boil about 40 to 50 curry leaves in a 200ml glass of water and collect the liquid using a strainer. Add fresh lemon juice to the mix and drink this every morning before any meal. Alternatively, you can eat 15 raw leaves followed by a glass of warm water every morning on an empty stomach.

2. Cure for Dysentery and other Stomach Ailments

Curry leaves contain carbazole alkaloid, a compound with anti-inflammatory properties that aid digestion. For this recipe, you’ll need 10 to 15 curry leaves, a stick of ginger, and a 150 ml cup of buttermilk. Buttermilk is a great probiotic that aids digestion by protecting the good bacteria in the stomach. Ginger contains gingerol, a compound that relaxes the intestines and reduces the activity of free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for digestion and stomach health.


Crush the ginger in a mortar, on a grinding stone or a small blender and extract its juice. Crush the curry leaves into a paste. Add the leaf paste and ginger extract into your cup of buttermilk and drink this, preferably on an empty stomach until symptoms stop.

When combined, these ingredients create a soothing elixir that is not only great for alleviating symptoms of an upset stomach but for maintaining a healthy gut as well. Although Curry leaves offer amazing health benefits, they are not meant to treat serious illnesses so if symptoms progress, you should contact a doctor.

3. Morning Sickness Relief

Blending curry leaves and drinking the water extract can alleviate morning sickness. It’s organic, inexpensive and proven to be safe for the baby.


Extract the juice of 15 to 20 curry leaves by crushing them in a mortar or extracting them in a sieve. Depending on your preference, you can drink the juice on its own or combine it with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. For the best results, drink this three times a day.

4. Reduction of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Curry leaves have been proven to reduce the depressing effects of several neurological disorders such as depression and anxiety. Research shows that they stimulate the production of Dopamine, a chemical responsible for a happy feeling in the brain. It has also been known to mimic the positive behavior of popular antidepressants and amphetamines.


Cooking and eating curry leaves and chopped pumpkin in a broth of chilli, tomatoes, and water can make you feel better when anxious or depressed. Pumpkin contains Tryptophan, an amino acid which boosts the level of serotonin neurotransmitter also known as “Happy Molecule” in the brain, reducing depression, memory loss, ADHD and anxiety.

5. Improvement of Memory and Cognitive Function

Curry leaves play a potentially important role in brain function by supplying the body with important vitamins and reducing the production of acetylcholinesterase enzyme in the brain. As a result, memory and cognitive function are greatly improved. This adds an extra layer of protection from cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Including blended curry leaves in your daily smoothie, shake, or meal can help you to take advantage of this benefit.

6. Wound Healing

The healing effects of Curry leaves have been used traditionally for a long time in places like Asia and Africa. Their extract can be used to treat cuts and burns by increasing the tensile strength of the wound surface while reducing its area in a matter of days. The antibacterial properties of the leaves also protect the wounds from infection.


Simply wash 10 – 20 curry leaves (depending on the size of the wound) thoroughly and crush them into a paste. Clean the wound surface with methylated spirit and apply the paste to the surface of the wound twice daily until it fully heals.

7. Pain Relief

Curry leaves health benefits also include pain relief. This can cover a wide range of analgesic treatments including joint pain, muscle pain, and pain from an injury.


For headaches and menstrual pain, 3-5 curry leaves can be eaten raw, steamed or juiced and mixed with water and crushed garlic. It can also be crushed into a paste and applied as a poultice to aching joints.

8. Removal of Toxins

The body picks up free radicals as a by-product of the sun and pollution in the environment. Curry leaves have antioxidant properties which help the body to get rid of these toxins.


Chewing about 15 leaves every morning on an empty stomach or adding the blended leaves to your smoothie can help you to benefit from its powerful antioxidant properties. It can be combined with mint leaves or ginger which also have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. They also spice up any drink.

9. Great Skin, Hair and Nails

Curry leaf extract contains vitamin B and a host of other vitamins and minerals which are great for the skin, hair, and nails. It gives the skin a healthy glow and gets rid of the excess sebum trapped below the pores. Shinier healthier hair can also be gained from ingesting curry leaves.


Frying Curry leaves in Coconut oil results in a black residue that can be applied to the roots of hair. It promotes thick shiny hair and reduces the appearance of grey strands. This oil can also be applied to nails for about 5 minutes and washed off after. This should be done once or twice a day for the best results. Curry leaves can also be crushed into a paste with cucumber and aloe vera gel and applied to the skin to improve moisture and reverse the effects of sunburn.

10. Blood Sugar Regulation

The anti-diabetic property of curry leaf is one of its most important benefits. It regulates blood sugar in the body, bringing it down to an acceptable level. This is an asset for people with diabetes who want organic ways to lower their blood sugar.


Eating 10 to 15 fresh curry leaves every morning on an empty stomach helps to keep the sugar in the blood at an acceptable level. Results can be seen after about three months of consistent use.