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This Vegetables Helps Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Broccoli Helps Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer. Consuming vegetables is important to meet the body’s nutritional. Vegetables contain many nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and other minerals that are essential for health. One vegetable that can lower the risk of prostate cancer is broccoli. Its has long been know that green vegetable is well to attack the cancer cells, and it turns out one of the main cells of this cancer is prostate cancer.

Broccoli Helps Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that many contain sulforaphane. This substance is known to decrease the progression of prostate cancer. Thus the results of the latest research.

In general, men highly vulnerable to attacked by prostate cancer. This cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in men globally.

The discovery notes that eating vegetables that contain sulforaphane able to block the growth of prostate cancer. One of this vegetable is broccoli.

Treating cancer with sulforaphane can normalize the level of lncRNA that became the chain of cancer cells.

Broccoli Helps Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer cells
prostate cancer

Certain diet is not known with certainty impact on the expression lncRNA until now. As stated by Laura Beaver, Research Associate at Oregon State University in the US.

However, researchers note that when LINC01116 disrupted there will be a decrease in the ability of prostate cancer cells to colonize up to 4-fold. This is recorded in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

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So, eating broccoli or vegetables which contain sulforaphane not only as a cancer preventive, but more than that. It becomes a great value to slow the progress of prostate cancer cells.

So, broccoli is green vegetables that can improve our health, particularly those associated to prostate cancer. From now on, always provide broccoli in your dish, either in the morning, noon or night.