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10 Signs of Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar is also called Hypoglycemia. This generally occurs among people suffering from diabetes. This also happens when you manage this problem carefully.

Hypoglycemia can occur in a person when a person’s glucose level decreases to a very low level. As stated by Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of the book “2 Day Diabetes Diet.” Mostly, this condition is said so when a person’s sugar level is below 70 mg per desi liter.

The state of decreased sugar levels as generally occurs among people with type-2 diabetes. The average individual like has several episodes or about 19 episodes of mild hypoglycemia in a year. In those who inject insulin is also very often the occurrence of low sugar.

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If we experience a decrease in sugar levels, sufferers can usually experience short-term complications. Among them is a daze, dizziness, and even more serious long-term complications can occur. If the treatment is not right, it can cause coma or death.

So, to be able to prevent the decline in glucose, we are important to control the decrease in glucose, and treat low blood sugar as quickly as possible.

Here are the signs of lightening that can be a symptom for a decrease in blood sugar. Try to note the following points to ensure you do not experience a decrease in blood sugar.

1. Incredible hunger

If you have a very strong hunger, or have eaten but still feel hunger. This might be an indication that you are deficient in glucose. You should consult with your doctor to find out how much food you should eat and what foods are good for your health.

2. Feeling anxiety

If you feel anxiety, this is also an indication that you are experiencing low glucose. At this time, your adrenal glands release the hormone epinephrine, the goal is to make more sugar. While excess epinephrine can produce adrenaline which can make you feel anxiety.

3. Feeling restless at night

One of the things that causes your sleep problems is noctural hypoglycemia. Among the symptoms that can occur are night sweats, waking up at night suddenly and crying, nightmares, confusion, anxiety when you wake up. So says Palinski-Wade.

Eating healthy snacks before bed can usually reduce the risk of sleep disorders.

4. Tremors and shakes

If the glucose level in the blood is not balanced, then the nervous system will not function so that vibrations occur in the limbs. Nowadays, nerves release catecholamines, these are chemicals that produce glucose. As a result, there were symptoms like this.

5. Emotional unstable

Another symptom of hypogliemia is emotional instability. Among them can occur are irrational movements, stress, crying, uncontrolled anger, hysterical, and want to be left alone.

In addition, the symptoms of low blood pressure can also be seen from the ease with which a person is offended, and disturbed.

6. Sweating

Someone usually sweats when working or sports. There are also those who are in normal circumstances, someone is sweating. This problem is controlled by the central nervous system.

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7. Feel dizzy

Furthermore, another symptom of low blood pressure is feeling dizzy. If you feel these symptoms, you should immediately treat it. If you are short of sugar, you may faint.

8. Uncertain thoughts

Someone with low sugar levels, he will experience problems of mind, interest and the inability to concentrate on a particular thing well.

9. Vision problems

Another symptom that shows that your blood sugar has decreased is blurred and blurred vision. If you experience this for no apparent reason, it may be that a decrease in blood sugar occurs to you.

10. Slurred Speech

When you experience a decrease in blood sugar, the way you talk will be different from the bias. You may not realize it, but you must know that other people experience and feel it.

Maybe other people will assume that you drink too much cocktail, even though you never drink it.