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Drink This Juice Help Lose Weight 5 Kg in a Week

This juice help lose weight 5 kg in a week – Excess weight has always been an interesting topic to discuss in the world of health. The problem is because the weight can cause various types of dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes and even heart attacks and strokes.

The issue is very warm to discuss, it seized the attention of many people that they are trying to lose weight in a variety of ways. In addition, health research also provide many solution for weight loss either naturally or medically.

Among the ways that always suggested to ward off weight is applying a healthy diet, a healthy diet, exercise even to the liposuction.

For those of you who find it difficult in this way you can take the natural way to lose weight as we have posted in the article “Powerful ways to lose weight without exercise” or you can try the following simple recipe. Here we will give you the carrot juice recipe that claimed to lose weight up to 5 kg in a week, as quoted from merdeka.com

This Juice Help Lose Weight 5 Kg in a Week

The ingredients that you need to make weight loss juice are carrots, cucumbers, and flax seeds. Destroy carrot and cucumber in a blender, then sprinkle flaxseeds thereon.

Thus, a combination of three natural ingredients acts as a huge antioxidant that increases the body’s metabolism. Now, with the increase body’s metabolism, the burning fat in the body’s also be increased. As stated by a study, as quoted from boldsky.com.

Carrot juice for weight loss is suggested to drink in the morning when the stomach is empty. In addition, these juices will suppress your appetite so that you do not easily consume a variety of foods that can cause weight gain.

Thus a simple way to make carrot juice to produce a lot of antioxidants so good for fighting body fat. Do not forget to drink this juice every day because it can loses weight up to 5 kg in a week.

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