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The State of Cleaning Business in Toronto Amidst COVID-19

The corona virus or covid 19 is a frightening specter for the inhabitants of the earth today. As it continues to spread, Canada’s public health officials are stressing even more about the importance of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in order to curb the virus.

Health officials say cleaning workplaces and homes on a regular basis will help prevent coming into contact with this deadly virus, which is known to linger for a while in commonly used surfaces. Due to these health recommendations, cleaning companies in Toronto have experienced a surge in business. Even so, not all cleaners are seeing a bump in business due to this horrific pandemic.

Some of Toronto’s residential cleaning companies have joined the list of businesses that have shut down in response to the global wide state of emergency. With almost everyone staying at home, most people prefer to do the cleaning themselves.

High-efficiency clothes detergent for sanitizing work clothes is one of the biggest items of interest in the cleaning business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleaning these small creatures or virus must use certain materials, otherwise this virus will still be with you, this is an important thing for us to pay attention to in order to really keep clean.

The State of Cleaning Business in Toronto Amidst COVID-19

Green Clean Office Maintenance Inc., a professional cleaning service company in Toronto, says, “business is still steady, and many clients are still availing of their services and demanding better cleaning products”. However, most residential and commercial cleaning services have experienced a decline in clients, as most of them stay at home.

Professional Choice Cleaning Services Inc. located in Vaughan, just north of Toronto says, “Nowadays, clients are demanding more advanced cleaning services. Some have been asking for the sanitization of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, cabinet handles, tables, countertops, and even bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Ideally, there is more pressure on keeping the cleaning specialists safe while working around surfaces that are potentially contaminated”.

Hamilton Public Health advises residents to disinfect and clean touched surfaces and objects frequently in order to avoid coming into contact with the virus. COVID-19 is known to linger on inanimate surfaces such as plastic, glass, and metal for up to 9 days.

According to Health Bart Harvey, Hamilton’s Associate Medical Officer, contact is a huge issue, and that’s why their primary message is to clean down, particularly commonly used surfaces as regularly as possible. This should be done using diluted bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol products.

The United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) says that even though transmission from one individual to the next is a huge risk, contracting the virus through surfaces is as much of risk too. This is why regular cleaning of surfaces is imperative, especially when someone has visited your home.

Here are some important things to know regarding the COVID-19:

International travel is highly advised against and it has been banned in most countries. Returning travelers are advised to self-isolate for two weeks in case they develop symptoms and also to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Common symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, and fever, quite similar to flu or cold. Some individuals can develop a more severe illness, and those at greater risk include seniors and people with chronic medical conditions such as kidney, lung or heart disease. If you experience these symptoms, this isn’t the time to ignore them.

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To hamper the spread of the coronavirus, cough into your sleeve, and wash your hands frequently. It’s also advisable to reduce contact with others and stay at home whenever possible. When you go out, ensure you maintain a distance of at least 2 meters from others.