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9 Ways To Improve Mental Health

Mental health is the most important thing in a person. This is about how you feel about yourself and others, and how you manage the feelings and difficulties you face everyday. Paying attention to mental health is important in maintaining emotional quality, so that it gives a good influence in all aspects of your life.

If you are able to manage emotions, then someone can get rid of bad moods and anxiety. This means, he has been able to improve his mental health. Mental health is also related to the quality of your life, even many illnesses that come as a result of mental health. So the benefits of mental health actually have a good effect and provide overall well-being for your life.

Here are Some Ways to Improve Mental Health

1. Say positive things to yourself

Never use negative words to show yourself. But always look at him positively. For example you say: “I did not pass the interview because I was not serious in dealing with it, I still have a chance to try a better way”. Don’t say to yourself like “I failed the interview, I don’t deserve to work there, or I was born poor.”

It is this perspective that affects our psyche. If we see things from a positive perspective, our mental health improves, and we have a greater chance of success.

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How To Improve Mental Health
How To Improve Mental Health

2. Write something you are thankful for

Grateful for what we have is an extraordinary act, this can improve one’s mental health. Among the most thoroughly studied ways to increase one’s happiness is to write every good thing that he receives. Get used to be grateful for something and make it blend with your heart.

In Islam, it is taught to always be grateful, this indicates that gratitude is a positive thing that can affect one’s mentality towards a better direction and one of them is to improve mental health.

3. At one time, focus on one thing

If we are aware that we are now building a better future, then focus. This will rid us of remembering a past full of failures. That is, we are releasing negative energy and are filling our minds with positive energy.

If your mind wanders everywhere, bring it back to the problem you are focusing on. This will help you focus more on your activities.

4. Exercise regularly

training is no longer a secret, indeed everywhere training and sports are very important. Good to improve physical health or improve mental health.

when exercising, the body releases endorphins, stress hormones and improves mood. So, exercise is one of the best ways to eliminate stress, anxiety and fear. If you don’t have a specific time for exercise, you can start with small things like going up and down stairs, short walks, and you should do this exercise 30 minutes a day.

The best place to do exercise is outdoors so that our skin is exposed to the sun. Sunlight supplies the body with vitamin D, and one of the benefits of vitamin D is to increase serotin in the brain. In addition, outdoor activities become a proven stress reducer.

5. Eat healthy food

Healthy food that we eat always affects the body even the whole of our body. So, if the unhealthy food we supply, the body will also feel bad things. For example, protein-rich foods that are useful for increasing dopamine, norepinephrine, and tyrosine, the benefit is to increase alertness.

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While foods that contain carbohydrates when consumed in moderation can increase serotin in the brain, this is a chemical that is useful for giving peace to the liver. Do not forget to consume foods rich in vitamins, such as vegetables and fruits. These are foods that provide nutrition to every cell of the body.

6. Open up to someone

It is important for someone to know when he is appreciated by others. This will help you to think positively, besides, it will help you to be able to think positively. When we find positive aspects in others, it will be easy to be positive too.

7. Do something for others

Helping others is useful not only in terms of the sacred worship, but also for its effects on our minds and psyche. When we can help others, our souls find something extraordinary and this makes the soul happy. so, often help and try good things for others.

8. Sleep on time

Sleep is an important rest because therein repairs to various cell damage. So, sleep reorganizes body cells and makes the body better. So, if someone lacks sleep or is not organized, then this affects his mental health. Sleeping on time is one way to build and improve mental health.

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To be able to sleep on time, you should pay attention to drinks too, such as drinks rich in caffeine (coffee, and tea), should be reduced so as not to make you difficult to sleep.

9. Get some rest

If you feel overwhelmed in your mind and feel you are having a hard time. take a rest, and take a deep breath with your eyes closed. Hold your breath for a count of four, and exhale for another count of four. This exercise is very fast to give effect and make your body relaxed.