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7 Health Benefits of Rice Water for The Skin

Health Benefits of Rice Water – Rice water is one of the ingredients for beauty that is often used by women in Asia to cleanse the skin. Who would not want your skin clean and smooth like an angel. Do not worry, because here we will review how to utilize the rice water for skin health and beauty.

Rice water is very easy to get, it comes from the kitchen because rice is the staple food for most inhabitants of the earth. So, you do not need to worry about this. The best way to get health benefits of rice water for skin is by using rice water that has been boiled or the water when you cook the rice. Take it and save for a while.

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Keep rice water up to 24 to 48 hours. It aims to make it be fermented. The fermented rice water in the state is very good for skin health. However, you may need to dilute back, but this was not a problem.

Most Asian women using ingredients from rice as a natural ingredient to beautify the skin and their hair. Thus, the health benefits of rice water for your skin does not have to worry about anymore. Just try and feel the benefits.

OK, here we look at some ways rice water work in transform your skin becomes more beautiful and healthy.

Health Benefits of Rice Water for Skin

1. Acne

Acne is a skin problem that is very stubborn. Once you heal acne, acne usually leaves its mark. Acne scars gives a bad impression on your face. Then you need to heal and remove it.

To get rid of acne scars, you can use rice water that has melted with turmeric. Use regularly for optimal results.

2. Eliminate wrinkles

Existing wrinkles on the face is very disturbing appearance. You look like a grandmother with sagging skin. But you do not worry, because the rice water can solve your problem. One of the health benefits of rice water is slow down the aging process. So, you can use rice water regularly to the skin to keep them taut and avoid wrinkles.

health benefits of rice water for eliminating wrinkles

3. Shrink pores

Furthermore, the rice water works to shrink enlarged pores on your face. Use a cotton swab to apply the rice water in the pores, especially on enlarged pores. The pores of your face will shrink slowly. It will make you look beautiful again.

4. Reduce Tan

Then, the health benefits of rice water is for your clear skin that have been tanned. You can use the water (rice water) you on your face for 30 minutes then wash it with water. So, using this remedy for a regular basis will reduce the tan on your skin. It is wonderful, right!

5. Eliminate blackheads

Health benefits of rice water

If your face is very ugly as a result of the many blackheads, now try to expel the blackheads using rice water. Take the warm rice water and use it on the face of blackheads, wait until dry and rinse thoroughly. You need patience in doing this treatment, so do not be quick to give up.

6. Tighten the skin

Furthermore, the health benefits of rice water is tighten sagging skin. If your skin had started to sagging, you should immediately use the Asian women herb. Sagging skin is a result of loss of collagen in the skin, and rice water can help restore your skin’s beauty.

7. Maintain skin texture

health benefits of rice water for beutify the skin

Rough skin will certainly lost the beauty. Come watch the texture of your skin by applying rice water regularly. Using rice water will shrink the pores of the skin and remove stains on the skin. So, from now grab the health benefits of rice water. Besides cheap in cost, the effect is very good for health and even for your beauty.