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13 Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally

Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally

13 ways to stop smoking naturally. Smoking is dangerous activities for health, even for the environment. Smoking can encourage a variety of health problems, from mild to chronic. Awareness of the importance of health is the necessary capital in smoking cessation. This awareness will generate strong will and determination in the heart to get rid of smoking.

Awareness of health is a form of gratitude for favors of Allah. Someone who would willingly and consciously thankful to remove the cigarette from his life.

For those of you who want to quit smoking but do not know how and do not know where to start, we will give you 13 ways to stop smoking naturally, good luck.

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13 Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally

1. Strong Intention

Someone who has been controlling his life by smoking would be very difficult for him to stop smoking. But you still have to be optimistic that you could and must stop the temptation of smoking. Remember! Nothing is impossible in this world. The first thing you should do is to strengthen the will and determination that you want to get free from the confines of smoking.

2. Ask family and friends for support

It is essential to the existence of the intention of you who want to quit smoking. Publications on family and friends that you want to quit smoking. Ask for their help to let you easily in the struggle to eliminate smoking from your life. For friends and family that smokers should ask them not to smoke in front of you. When the support is there, then your intention to quit smoking will be stronger. This way to stop smoking naturally is imperative for you and helps you to succeed.

3. Set a target date

If you want to quit smoking, then you must create a target like when you should have stopped a total of smoking. Because when you’ve opium to smoking, you can not just quit, this is very difficult for you, so painful for you, and can make you far away from success. Quitting smoking should be gradually and step by step. Here you have to create a target when you have to be stopped completely. A month or two months.

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4. Start with the easiest way

The way to quit smoking naturally is by starting from simple. You can not quit smoking with just one round of applause. Then give your body rations to smoke but not in size as before. For example, under certain conditions, you must allow your body to smoke, but it should be in a smaller size. For example in a state of stress. But if it was not in an emergency like that, you should not touch a cigarette.

5. Do not provoke the desire to smoke

Furthermore, how to quit smoking naturally is to avoid habits that could provoke a sense of wanting to smoke. Habits like drinking coffee, alcohol, late nights are several conditions that can stimulate your desire to smoke. So avoid these bad habits.

6. Find the bustle

Someone who is busy would be easier to leave bad habits than those who were not busy. Then you should find that you are oblivious to the bustle of cigarettes. It is very effective in reducing the desire to smoke. Search bustle like sports, riding a bike or swimming. This activity is very intense and can make you forget or do not wish to smoke. Do not let you get caught up in solitude for this opportunity to make you want to smoke.

7. Drink lots of water

Consuming a lot of water could be one of the best ways to quit smoking naturally. Water can speed up the removal of toxins in the body. In addition, drinking water can reduce the desire to smoke because the water was not fit accompanied by smoking.

8. Find bustle after eating

The successfully way to quit smoking that has proven is to concern them after eating. You can occupy yourself with brushing teeth or the walking (read: 10 reasons you need to walk right now). The aim is that you are not hooked to smoking. Apply this habit regularly.

9. Avoid places with smoke

Now it is tough to choose a smoke-free place. But should you try this, invite friends to a non-smoking place, such as libraries, bookstores, or sports venues.

10. Replace smoking with other objects

Smokers usually begin their morning with a cup of coffee accompanied by smoking. For those of you who have decided to leave the smoking, you can find substitutes such as chewing gum, or with chocolate. Can also get used to eating carrots as a snack, even very healthy.

11. Positive Thinking

Whatever you have to sacrifice to quit smoking do not consider it as a sacrifice but assume it is as steps to stop the bad habit. Keep positive thinking so you do not feel what you are doing as a heavy thing.

12. Expand the recess

You had all day to refrain from the urge to smoke. It’s time to rest. Plenty of rest can suppress your desire to smoke.

13. Quit now

You’ve read these tips and ways to stop smoking naturally, now you’ve got the will to quit smoking. Do not delay, do it now. Remember! The decision to stop smoking is the right thing, and you will be more useful than in disrepute.

Smoking is bad for your own, bad for families, bad for your friends and even for the wider environment. Let us stop smoking. Those are some ways to quit smoking naturally you need to try.