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Amazing of Pompano Fish Health Benefits

Pompano Fish Health Benefits – This is one type of fish that is delicious and can be an additional vitamin and nutrients for you. Pompano can be another alternative to your diet. Among the many vitamins that are possessed by these fish are B vitamins and this is very important for the health of the body.

What Is Pompano Fish?

Pompano is the name of the fish that is in the genus “Trachinotus”, this fish has at least 20 different types. Its growth can generally reach 18 inches and 3 pounds. However, these fish can grow larger with weights up to 30 pounds and 3 feet long. Pompano fish has a light and delicious taste on the tongue, many people love this fish so the price is also fairly expensive. In fact, some species of pompano fish are very highly hunted by the chef because of the many enthusiasts in the restaurant.

The most famous pompano species are pompano florida and Atlantic whale. Pompano not only presents delicious flavors but also has some health benefits.

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Types Of Pompano Fish

Here are some types of fish that are often found pompano fishermen and available in the restaurant.

  • African pompano
  • Blue pompano
  • Silver great pompano
  • Irish pompano
  • Florida pompano

This type of difference causes the difference in the nutritional value it has. Before we see the pompano fish health benefits, here we see the facts of pompano fish nutrition.

Pompano Fish Nutrition Fact

Speaking of nutrition, pompano fish contain phosphorus, vitamin B1, B12, copper, vitamin A, and potassium in high sizes. In 90 grams the filet contains about 185 calories. In addition, pompano is also high in amino acids and antioxidants, and it also contains large amounts of protein.

Health Benefits of Pompano Fish

Among the well-known benefits of pompano fish are the effects on cholesterol, bone, cognition, and body metabolism.

1. Increase body metabolism

High levels of vitamin B is very good for body functions, especially in increasing the body’s metabolism. Fish in this genus have excellent concentrations of riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, and pyridoxine.

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2. Lowering bad cholesterol

Pompano fish contain saturated fat, but it is the best source of monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fats. Because of the high content of unsaturated fats, it is included in a good fish to fight HDL.

3. Strengthen bones

Furthermore, the benefits of pompano fish is strengthening the bone. A number of compounds in this type of fish can prevent bone fragility and weakness.

4. Good for brain health

The content of healthy fats in this type of fish is useful to improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of neurogenerative diseases.

5. Good for growth

In one filet, pompano fish offers more than 40% of daily protein. In addition, it is an excellent source of amino acids for the growth and development of the body.

Pompano Fish Vs Pomfret Fish

  • Many people misunderstand these two types of fish, whereas between the two have a clear distinction.
  • Pomfret fish is smaller than pompano.
  • The Pomfret is a type of jackfish, so it comes from a different genus with pompano fish.
  • Pomfret is usually found in the seas of Asia and the Mediterranean Sea, while pompano fish has a wider range.

Notes: Just like most fish, the side effects of pompano fish are located on their mercury content. However, pompano fish are considered very low on this element.