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How to Make Salt Brine, Look Below

This time we will review about how to brining or marinating fish or poultry, or you can say how to improve the taste in poultry.

Brining is an easy way to improve the taste and humidity of poultry and fish. This is the secret way that is becoming a habit of professional chefs in enhancing cuisine. Salt water can draw water into the tissues of unripe meat. Brines, which are easy to make at home, you only need to use a few basic ingredients to make salt brines.

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Below we see the procedure for making it:

Pour one cup of water and ten (10) ounces of salt into a large saucepan. You can just use table salt. Measuring salt here is based on weight rather than volume. Why is that, this is because many types of salt with the same weight but have different volume sizes.

Basically, brining is a chemical process, so getting the right ratio of salt and water is very important.

Ok, now put the pan on the stove, use the temperature setting on medium – heat. Cook until the water boils and all dissolve.

Then lift the pan from the stove, let it sit for a while until it cools down. Now put this mixture of water and salt into a gallon of cold water. Mix thoroughly, and then refrigerate the completed brine until you are ready to use it.