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How to Get Rid of Termites at Home Naturally

How to get rid of termites – Its small animals which capable of digging house wood so that the wood becomes porous. So, termites is very annoying animals, he will bite cupboards, chairs, tables, house poles, beds, wood floors and others.

So, it is important to get rid and remove termites from the house. If not, then the various staircase rattan can be damaged. Imagine if this animal biting the pillar of your house, of course the house will collapse slowly.

So, we will explain in detail how to get rid of termites from home. The ways we describe are simple and easy to try, just by using home materials such as kerosene and others. However, before we explain how to remove termites from the house, let’s see the first some ways to know the existence of termites, so easy to get rid of.

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How to Know the Existence of Termites

Usually we do not realize the existence of termites in our homes before there is damage caused by it. Thus, it is necessary to detect early on so that damage can be stopped immediately.

Here are some ways to know the existence of termites at home.

1.  Termites appear in front of the eye

If you see termites running in the house or in the corners of the house, this is certainly a strong sign that they are in your home, not alone but many other termites are invisible.

2. Wood damage

If you find wood damage as in household furniture, it also identifies that termites exist in your home. The trick is very easy, you can knock the wood to see if there is a cavity inside or not. Termites can also damage your books on bookshelves because books are also made from wood.

3. Appears wood powder

Another sign that you can detect is by the appearance of a small dot-shaped wood powder. This is the result of termite bites, and it identifies that termites are already roaming around your home.

How to Get Rid of Termites from Home

Once we know how to identifies termites, now is the time to learn how to remove these termites.

# 1. Using rice washing water

Rice washing water is very easy to get, you must cook rice every time, save rice water washing. Many people do not know the benefits of this water, in fact its able to repel termites from your home.

How to use it is also very easy, just by watering the rice water to termite residence, he will die or move from that place.

# 2. Using water whiting

Water whiting has hot properties so as kill termites. Take whiting and mix it with water. Then flush on the place of termites. You can also facilitate your work by entering water whiting into a small spray and spray every hole or wood with holes that indicate the presence of termites.

# 3. Tobacco water

Tobacco water is one of the natural ingredients that are useful to repel the lizard from home. Another very effective benefit is to get rid of termites that eat wood furniture.

The trick is also very easy, soak tobacco in water overnight until the juice in tobacco comes out. Then the water is ready to spray on termites.

# 4. Using salt

Furthermore, how to remove termites is by using salt or brine. Sprinkle salt in place of termites then he will dodge. To be more effective, use a mixture of salt and tobacco water, then spray on any holes or wood cavities that become termites hide place.

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# 5. Kerosene

Another very effective way is use kerosene or cylinders. Insects are afraid of kerosene, so when you spray kerosene on a set of termites, it immediately avoids or dies.

To prevent the arrival of termites in wood, you can also use cylinders used in wood. It’s durable and termites do not dare to approach your wood.

# 6. Drying wood

The humid place is a place of preference for termites, we also often find it in the damp wood, usually the bottom of the wood that is directly sticky to the ground. So, drying wood will be a torment for termites so they run away and avoid the wood.

Those are some ways how to get rid of termites naturally. Termites can come in just a few days. So, if you store the wood from the forest, put the gap between the soil and the wood. In addition, keep the wood in a dry place because the humid place becomes a favorite for termites.