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How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally; Everywhere

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally – Fleas are annoying little animals. Its small size makes it hard to find and dangerous to health. Typically, fleas prefer hosts that are animals compared to humans (maybe because humans often find them and kill them). If your animal has fleas, then it is possible that your house, yard, and furniture have fleas.

If you experience itching, chances are you have flea and fleas are very small in size, can be 2.5 mm. Even though they are small, their legs are so strong that they can jump up to 13 inches.

How long do fleas live? Their lives depend on environmental conditions. If the climate is warm, the lice will grow and live well and fertile. Humidity is around 80 to 90 ° F (26 to 32 ° C). If conditions are like this, flea will live for 21 days. If the weather is not good and does not get a host to get food, flea larvae persist for months to find suitable weather to develop. Adult fleas, on average, can survive several weeks to several months.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

1. How to get rid of fleas in your home

If the flea carrier is your pet. It is confirmed that only about 5% is contaminated with adult fleas and the rest are flea larvae, eggs and cocoons. This is spread throughout your home. To clean this bug completely you must clean and pay attention to all corners of your house.

Not only cleaning the house, but also cleaning your pet. Your animal is the cause, so the first concern is on this animal.

Here are some tips for getting rid of fleas from home

Use the best vacuum to suck up all the dirt and dust and larvae, lice eggs from various angles in your home. Pay attention to narrow gaps, because this is the best flea hideout.

Use steam cleaners for carpets and upholstery, including your pet’s bed. Also use soap, because this is a flea enemy. Pay attention to the places your animal likes, clean extra there because there might be a lot of larvae and flea eggs there.

All beds must be washed, including washing your pets as well. then dry it in the mahatari ray until it is completely dry. But if you find a lot of flea eggs and larvae on an old bed, you should replace with a new one.

Clean with chemicals. You can try Aerosol spray on the fogger. Use an insecticide that contains both ingredients, adulticide, such as permethrin. These chemicals can kill adult lice and control the growth of lice. Among them is methoprene or pyriproxyfen, it will kill larvae, flea eggs and pupae. Be careful with this spray, only spray when all your family members leave the house. Use gloves and avoid contaminating your body with chemicals, as well as pets.

2. How to get rid of fleas in yard

After we know how to get rid of lice in your home, now we will look at how to get rid of fleas in yard.

If you want to get rid of fleas on the lawn, the first thing you should think about is where the fleas usually hide. Look at your yard, shady, damp, and warm. Usually, if the place is well exposed to the sun, then you will not find lice there.

Also pay attention to your pet’s favorite place, this might be a place where fleas are favored.

Ok, if you have mapped the targeted areas to be eradicated, now you must do the following to get rid of bugs in the yard;

  • Trim the grass regularly because lice like to shelter under tall grass, then the grass that has been cut should be burned.
  • Sweep the area and get rid of all the rubbish, debris, twigs, and expose the area to shade with the sun so it gets hot.
  • Lay cedar chips in a place where your pet likes to lie down, under bushes or under flowering plants.
  • Spread small worms that can eat parasites such as nematodes. Nematodes are worms that can eat parasites, flea eggs, spread them where you think they are prone to being a hiding place for fleas.

3. How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Fleas are not only annoying but can make your animal messy. 30 head lice in 30 days can be 250,000 fleas. Imagine if you do not care about this, then your animal and your home will be a place for these fleas. These fleas will make your pet become itchy, sick and messy.

How do you know your cat has fleas? At least there are some that you can take to know this. So, to see quickly is almost impossible, because these lice are very small in size. The reddish brown color sometimes blends with the cat’s fur or skin. Now, rather than looking for fleas visually, you should watch for signs if the cat has fleas.

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How to find out if your cat has fleas, consider the following reviews:

Itchy skin and causes cats to scratch. If you see a cat scratching, it’s a sign that there are fleas there. Whether or not much is unclear because just a few flea can make a cat itch, or saliva flea because this can also make a cat itch.

Excessive use of fur and legs. If your cat is biting its fur and legs all the time, this is a sign that your cat is having a flea attack. If he is itchy, he will scratch, bite his fur, feet or other places that feel itchy to relieve this itching.

Feathers fall out. Another way to find out if a cat has fleas is to look at its appearance. If the situation is messy and many feathers fall out like around the neck, this indicates the presence of fleas on your cat.

Lethargy can also be a symptom that your cat is having fleas. Even a flea sometimes bites its host hundreds of times, this causes the cat to become weak, lethargic and messy. The number of fleas bites can cause a cat lethargy as a result of losing a lot of blood.

Watch with your eyes: If fleas have breed, you can find them in all parts of your cat’s skin. Look for bright spots on cats, cat fur, coats or on cat beds.

How to get rid of fleas on cats

The problem of fleas in cats is not a simple problem, but this can be fatal if not immediately addressed. Well, the best way to keep cats from fleas is to clean them regularly. For more details, we consider below how to get rid of fleas in your pet cat.

Treat your pet. Take care of your pets whether they have flea infections or not.

  • Flea and flea collars for cats, this product can help you kill fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and flea quickly.
  • Using shampoos can also kill adult fleas, flea eggs and lice, and prevent the emergence or hatching of new flea.
  • Flea pills and chewables are the fastest way to overcome the problem of lice in animals. This can kill fleas and can eliminate existing symptoms.
  • Petco Grooming Salons, this is a service that is usually available to get rid of fleas on your cat.

Treat your home. Caring for cats is not enough, but you also have to clean and care for your home. If not, the fleas in the cat will re-emerge and this lice problem will continue to be repeated.

  • Clean and wash all beds in your home, use spray in upholstery and carpets
  • Clean and wash all your pet beds regularly.
  • Clean the house, hardwood floors, including hardwood floors, rugs, carpets, if you use a vacuum, throw away all the dirt in the vacuum away and burn the trash.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, you can contact specialized staff or experts in dealing with head lice.

Treat your yard. The yard is also a victim to fleas, especially if your pet has fleas and they have or often played in the yard. Typically, the yard will have many larvae and nits dropping so that it will hatch over time. If you really clean fleas and get rid of fleas from cats, clean your yard too.

4. How to Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet

In addition to eliminating fleas on cats, and the home page, you must remove fleas from your home, and one way is to remove fleas on the carpet. How to get rid of lice on the carpet, consider the following review.

If you find lice on the carpet, or other upholstery such as a carpet, this is not only annoying but also dangerous. Not only does it hurt when you are bitten and suck blood, but this little insect can also carry various diseases. So, it is necessary to quickly deal with this problem, once you find lice on the carpet or eggs, then immediately take precautionary steps.

How can you tell if you have fun in your carpet?

The first step that must be done is to identify the culprit, in this case is lice. You must know where the flea is on your carpet. Watch for signs of fleas because these animals are very small and difficult to see immediately.

Most of the signs that are easy to recognize are the itching, bites, scratching, but there are signs if your carpet has fleas, pay attention:

How to help get rid of fleas in carpet

If you have found a lice attached, now is the time for you to take control as well as removal. If the lice problem you are experiencing is difficult or difficult to control, you should use an insecticide.

In using insecticides in flea control, you must follow the direction of the pest exterminator. Use it when people are not at home, wear gloves and spray when there is no strong wind or in the morning.

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5. How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs Naturally

One of the biggest threats in the world is coming from small animals called fleas. Female fleas can lay eggs 40-50 eggs every day, so getting rid of fleas in your dog is not an easy problem. It’s not enough just to bathe it.

When should fleas be cleaned from dogs? It seems like all year long control must be done because fleas can live continuously, if there are no fleas, but usually there are lots of flea eggs waiting for the time to hatch.

How to Tell If Your Dog Has Fleas

To recognize the presence of fleas in your pet dog is very easy as long as there are fleas.

Usually fleas gather in a dark place such as on the inner thigh of a dog. Try to separate the dog’s hair gently, you will see fleas running around looking for a dark place.

Another way to find fleas in dogs is to see blood spots. This is flea dung, the result of blood being suctioned from the dog. Well, if you find this impurities, then certainly there are fleas.