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7 Ways To Lower Cholesterol Without Medicines

Lowering Cholesterol Without Medicines. The development of media and information allows us to find out various things, including knowing excess cholesterol in the body. Excess cholesterol in the body can harm the body. So, we have to lower high cholesterol levels. Lowering cholesterol can be done with a few simple and natural way.

If you frequently eat a lot, tasty meals and not exercising. So, you can be sure to experience a surge in cholesterol.

Unhealthy diet and eating foods high in fat and sugar is one of the causes of skyrocketing cholesterol in the body.

Actually, cholesterol in the body also has its own benefits. Among the benefits of cholesterol is to build cell membranes, stimulates the production of hormones, helps the body in the absorption of vitamin D.

However, if excessive amounts of cholesterol in the body, adverse health effects will appear. Excess cholesterol will form plaques in the arteries, blocking blood flow, heart, blood flow and then cause serious illness.

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Here are some natural ways to lower cholesterol without using drugs. You can try these ways at home a lone.

Ways To Lower Cholesterol Without Medicines

1. Eating fruits

Include fruits in your breakfast menu every morning is the best way to remove cholesterol in the body. Fruits contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants that will remove bad cholesterol from the body. Eating fruit regularly every morning for maximal result.

2. Stay away from trans fat

Furthermore, way to lower cholesterol without medication is by keeping your diet. Do not consume foods that contain lots of saturated fat such as burgers, chips, pizza and other junk food. This food is the main cause of increased cholesterol in the bloodstream.

3. Consume oats

One of the best ways to reduce and get rid of cholesterol in the body is to consume oats. Eating oats every morning can help you to relieve the body of bad cholesterol. Oats are foods that contain fiber, called glucans, these fibers will bind cholesterol and remove it from the body.

4. Eat lean meat

Furthermore, herb home to lower cholesterol in the body is to eat lean meats. Lean meat is the meat of poultry. Chicken is one of the best meat for consumption.

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5. Exercise

Fitness exercises including the best ways to lower bad cholesterol. Do exercise every day for at least 15 minutes. Among the sports that you can do is push-ups, leg lifts, hip rotations and others.

6. Coffee with cinnamon

It is the kind of regular coffee, you just need to add cinnamon in coffee. Research shows that coffee with cinnamon can help to lower bad cholesterol in the body. It is a natural recipe that you can try.

7. Eat protein

Also, the best way to lower cholesterol is to include protein in your diet menu.

Those are some ways to lower cholesterol without drugs. If you suspect there are a lot of cholesterol in the body, immediately do the test. If proven, do natural remedies that we have mentioned above. However, if your cholesterol levels are too high, directly contact the nearest doctor to ask for a solution.