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A Powerful Recipe to Get Rid of Cough

Powerful recipe to get rid of cough – Coughing is a normal condition of health. Coughing occurs because the body’s attempt to clear the throat and mucus and foreign matter. However, the cough is very disturbing and makes sufferers difficult move well. Itching and pain in the throat makes everyone want to get free from cough instantly.

Vibration caused by the cough will be transmitted to your environment, especially those who close to you. So when cough, you should immediately seek a solution to eliminate it. Cough can cure with modern or traditional ways. However, we recommend using the traditional way because there are no side effects.

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Powerful Recipe to Get Rid of Cough

In this post we share a powerful recipe to get rid of the cough. Natural recipe of coconut oil and pure honey as well as the incorporation of lime juice. To create your own concoction of traditional healers cough, provide the following materials:

  1. Honey
  2. Coconut oil
  3. lime

Ways of making this herb is very simple. You only need to mix all these ingredients into one.

Each of three materials have healing properties. Coconut oil is a potent source of antioxidants, while honey contains an anti-microbial and anti-virus. Combined these two natural ingredients can cure cough quickly. Like that quoted from boldsky.com. To get a good taste, you can add a bit of lime juice.

That’s a powerful recipe to get rid of cough quickly. You have a cough, immediately find these ingredients.