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10 Best Ways for Preventing Tick-Borne Diseases

Ways for Preventing Tick-Borne Diseases. Summer and spring is a scary time for those who live near forests or areas that were previously uninhabited. Tick-borne diseases are a dangerous threat to human life. Tick-borne can be fatal if not prevented by quickly and precisely. There are many ways you can do to prevent tick-borne diseases. Among them are choosing the right clothes, insect repellent, a sense of awareness of the environment, and some of the other strategies.

Tick-Borne is a serious problem, especially when the spring and into the summer. There are thousands of cases reported annually. Problems and Tick-Borne threats continue to increase when more people are switching fatherly settled the area that a lot of ticks. Tick-Borne is a tick bite in humans, these tick attack humans by sucking their blood. Someone who has been attacked by these fleas can become infected and continue to grow if not treated and prevented.

Tick-Borne Diseases have some kind, and that is common is the Southern Tick-Associated Rash illnes, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and tularemia. The disease has different symptoms and signs that it was hard for in-patient. So, the best option is prevent the arrival of the disease.

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So, how to prevent against these diseases. Let us look at some of the best ways for preventing tick-borne disease, may be useful.

The 10 Best Ways for Preventing Tick-Borne Diseases

1. Awareness of the environment

Be alert and aware of the environment you are working is one important strategy to avoid tick-borne diseases. If you work as a lumberjack or in other industries, try to avoid exposure shrubs, piles of leaves or other places that used to be the playground lice. Conscious of the environment makes you cautious when activities outside especially for those who live close to forests or slums.

2. Protective

For those of you who are working or going to spend a lot of time in areas of many fleas or tick, it’s important to use personal protection. The protective is by using long-sleeved shirt, long pants using thick-soled shoes and use socks. In addition, it is also important to use the cap so that you are protected from attacks ticks that can happen anytime.

3. Repellent

Furthermore, one of the best ways for preventing Tick-Borne diseases is use tools to resist insects. You are encouraged to use insect repellent that contain DEET, especially for those of you who work in rural areas or ticks a lot of concentration.

4. Conduct training

For companies that employ people in forest areas, or logging must conduct training for self-protection against ticks. Companies must be responsible for these issues for the convenience of employees.

Workers also need to be careful and vigilant in every moment being infected fleas. Self-awareness is very necessary and sense of responsibility of the company that manages the forest resources.

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5. Keep the animal away from tick attack

Many cases occur that fleas can go home with a pet. Cats or dogs infested fleas can easily carry it enters your home even in your room. It has the potential to attack you anytime.

So always check the pet, especially when they come back from the forest or bush.

6. Personal Inspection

Check every day and even every moment against the skin and body. It aims to tackle and prevent tick-borne diseases more quickly before sucking your blood. And one of the best ways for preventing tick-borne diseases is by shower your self twice every day. Use soap and shampoo for your body clean and free from infestation.

7. Wash clothes and dried

Washing clothes is also one way to prevent tick-borne diseases. Clothes that you use to work in the forest or bush should be washed with clean and using soap. Then dry the clothes in the sun. Not simply by drying in the wind, to prevent the lice which survive when you wash clothes.

Drying clothes in the sun for 10 to 20 minutes is important to dispel fleas or ticks left on your clothes.

8. Herbal option

In addition to the above, the best way to prevent tick-borne diseases is to use herbs such as eucalyptus oil, almond oil, and vinegar.

The combination of this oil is very bad against tick and they will not survive in your skin. Almond oil and vinegar contains sulfur compounds that kill the tick while eucalyptus oil is useful to dissipate the smell.

If you want, you can also consume garlic. Garlic also be a bad thing for life fleas.

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9. Not work close to deer

Deer are animals that carry many ticks. So, stay away from activities in the area close to the deer. Deer ticks are common, and some places in the world with the development of the number of deer ticks make the disease is increasing. You should Rising deer, but should be extra careful to the tick.

10. Reported cases timely

For those of you who work in places that a lot of concentration lice must be vigilant. If there are members of labor pain or skin rashes as a result of a tick bite should immediately report it on time so that the handlers can be done quickly. This is one of the best ways for preventing tick-borne diseases. If you do not report the case, then you are particularly at risk to the threat of disease infestation can even cause death.

Those are some of the best ways for preventing tick-borne diseases. Please always vigilant and careful in their activities, especially those of you who work in the area of forest or bush as loggers working in the industry or others. Prevention is better than cure, So please note 10 best ways to prevent yourself from tick borne disease that mentioned above.