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Wonderful Lilac Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Lilac essential oil has many benefits and benefits, among the extraordinary benefits are in beauty products and in cleaning products. Not only that, but lilac essential oil also provides amazing health benefits such as eliminating parasites, calming the nervous system, reducing inflammation, improving home odors, strengthening the body’s immunity, preventing skin problems.

What is Lilac Essential Oil?

Lilac essential oil is made from more than two dozen types of llilac. All of these plants belong to the Oleaceae family. Lilac species that are generally known are the bushes from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Then the distribution goes throughout Europe and then naturalized throughout North America. The use of lilac oil as a treatment oil has been known for several centuries ago. However, according to the analysis, this planting has been used by local indigenous tribes for much longer. Tanama lilac is the most popular flower plant in the whole world and it produces essential oils that have medicinal properties.

Lilac oil contains soothing, heat-reducing, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Among the active substances in this oil that are very beneficial for health are indole, aldehyde, ocimene, and all have positive properties on the human body. The thing to note is that use is moderate.

Warning: lilac essential oil is different from essential oils, it should not be consumed directly, it must also be avoided or kept away from lender membranes such as the nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

Health Benefits of Lilac Essential Oil

If you often experience stress, disappointment, anxiety, high stress levels, a fat immune system, lilac essential oil is very beneficial for you. Not only that, even the health benefits of lilac essential oil are also very useful for treating parasitic infections, sunburn, premature aging, fever, wrinkles, cuts, scrapes, bruises and inflammatory conditions.

1. Skin Care

Among the benefits of lilac essential oil is to accelerate skin healing, this is due to the presence of antioxidants and stimulating properties. So, it is very good as a wound, scratch or as a bruise remedy. Not only does it accelerate wound healing, but lilac also prevents infections and stimulates cell growth, thus speeding up recovery.

2. Prevents premature aging

Lilac oil contains astringent compounds and antioxidants that manage aging. They work by fighting free radicals so that premature aging can be prevented. If you have wrinkles, blemishes, lines and other age-related things, then using lilac essential oil is highly recommended because it can cure your problem.

Lilac essential oil can tighten the skin, increase elasticity and prevent premature aging.

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3. Increase body immunity

Bacterial and fungal infections are very susceptible and lilac oil is very useful to overcome this problem. When you put lilac oil into the diffuser and inhale it, lilac essential oil can help your respiratory and digestive systems and can prevent attacks from various pathogens that come through the air.

4. Reduces Fever

Lilac essential oil is also useful for treating fever. This oil can provide recovery for fever sufferers by solving fever and starting the healing process. Lilac oil will promote sweating so that the fever can quickly be overcome. Sweat in people with fever is actually the process of releasing toxins from the body.

5. Treat anxiety and stress

Lilac essential oil is a popular aromatherapy oil on the market. One of the great benefits of lilac is relieving anxiety and stress. Only by inhaling a little lilac oil can have an effect on our limbic system. This will provide calm, reduce stress hormones that accumulate in the body.

All this will reduce the level of depression, provide quality sleep and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

6. Eliminates Parasites

The next benefit of lilac essential oil is to eliminate and fight parasites and fight worms in the intestine. Although it seems that treating worms in the intestine must be drunk, apparently not, to treat this disease we only need to inhale the scent. Its strong aroma alone is enough to fight and expel worms and parasites in the intestine.

7. Improve the smell of the room

If you don’t have perfume to scent the room, we can take advantage of the scent of lilac essential oil. The anti-bacterial content in this oil can clean the air and give an extraordinary aroma to our room.

The aroma of this oil is very fragrant and loved by many people, so many use this oil as a room deodorizer.

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8. Cosmetic Uses

There are also benefits of lilac oil for cosmetic ingredients. So, in some beauty products and oil cleanliness is still present. Among the cosmetic products that contain lilac oil are soaps, shampoos, bath soaps and perfumes. Through this product, we can feel the benefits of lilac essential oil as a cleanser for skin and hair.