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8 Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain – Women always face menstrual periods, has become commonplace if women experience pain during menstruation. However, some women find it very difficult to deal with it so need the help of drugs to restrain and relieve pain. If you are experiencing the same thing, there are some essential oils that you can use.

In this post, we will learn how to treat pain when menstruating by using essential oils.

Essential Oils for Menstrual Pain

1. Lavender oil

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain

Lavender oil is one of the best oil fir treating the pain during menstruation. How to use: you recommend to inhale the oil, and the you will feel a good thing as reducing the pain. The research says that this oil has a good effect on prostaglandins, so can reduce the pain.

Lavender works by reducing uterine contraction thereby reducing pain due to menstruation.

2. Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon Essential Oils For Menstrual cramps
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Cinnamon is one of the spices that useful for overcome the pain due menstrual at women. This spicy really good for treating the uterine contraction. Like that says Dr.Stagg

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3. A spicy blend

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain spicy
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A spicy blend is combination from some essential oil and then useful for extraordinarily effect. This is consist of lavender oil, cinnamon, clove essential oil, and rose oil. Use the mixture in the bast on the abdomen. You recommended to use it 7 days before get menstruation. This is proven to reduce uterine contraction and the amount of blood that comes out.

So, this mixed oil is good for reducing pain and pain during menstruation, it can stabilize prostglandin, if you experience pain try using a mixture of some of these essential oils.

4. Clary sage

Clry sage Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain

Clary sage has trust as a good oil for curing the menstrual cramp, and now popular as a drug for that problem. It contains an antispasmodic that can reduce the seizures that can occur in the uterus.

5. Roman chamomile

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain
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For along time chamomile oil use as a powerful drug in reduce the pain due to menstruation. Even in since ancient Egypt periode, this oil has popular as the medicine, said archaeologist Ryan Neinstein, MD, of NYC Surgical Associates. How to use is by give some drop in water to soak the feet. It is will reduce the intensity of cramps.

6. Frankincense oil

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain 3
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You suffer from menstrual cramp, frankincense essential oil is the best one for trating it. To get the best result, you can use by bathtub, diffuser, or apply directly. But, for direct use, you have to dissolved with carrier oil first. This oil will help your problem especially concerning with inflammation.

7. Cypress oil

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain 4

Furthermore, cypress oil is a home remedies for overcoming the menstruation problem. The use of this oil is by inhalation slowly. Its will increase the blood circulation and muscle relaxation. So, the relaxing muscle as this oil reaction will be a good one for menstrual cramp.

8. Ylang ylang

Essential Oils For Menstrual Pain

All must be familiar with Ylang ylang essential oil. This oil has a sedative effect on mild size, so helpful for relieve the pain when menstrual periode. In addition to cramps, ylang ylang also useful for relieving your anxiety.

Those are some essential oils for menstrual pain. You can use any of these oils. Choose the one you like the most.