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20 Interesting Facts about Mangoes

Facts about mangoes – Mango is a very delicious fruit and everyone loves mangoes. Until now, we haven’t found anyone who hates mangoes. But apart from all this, we want to know what are some interesting facts about mangoes. For those of you who like this fruit, it looks like mangoes are also good as an alternative to lose weight because they are rich in fiber.

Ok, because we don’t want to discuss the benefits of mangoes, then now let’s look at interesting facts about mangoes.

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Interesting Mangoes Facts

1. Mango is known as the king of fruits because almost no one hates it. In addition, it is rich in nutrients that support a healthy body.

2. Mango is a plant in the flowering plant family that is related to poison ivy. Poison ivy and pistachios belong to the same family of flowering plants, namely the Anachardiaceae family.

3. Mangkay is the origin word for mango fruit. This is a line from Tamil which later mango traders from Portuguese turned it into manga.

4. The mango tree is a plant that symbolizes love, did you know that?

5. Where the mango tree originates is East India, Burma and Andaman which borders the Bay of Bengal.

6. African and Middle Eastern countries get mangoes from Persia.

7. Then, mangoes were brought to the West Indies and Brazil by the Portuguese from Africa and the Middle East.

8. America recognized mangoes in the 19th century, the first place to get mangoes was Florida, in 1830, mango farmers introduced mangoes there. Furthermore, after Florida, California is the next place to know mangoes in the 1880s.

9. The next mango fact is that mango is native to South Asia. Countries such as Burma, India, the Andaman islands have planted mangoes for thousands of years.

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10. The tenth fact is that the mango fruit came to East Asia in the 4th and 4th centuries BC. East Africa gave off mangoes in the 10th century.

Interesting Facts about Mangoes

Anothers Interesting Mango Facts | 11-20

11. One of the interesting facts about mangoes is that India is the largest mango producing country in the world. However, in the international mango trade scene, India only contributes 1% of the world’s mangoes. Most of the mangoes from India are not sold abroad but are consumed by Indians.

12. Mango is the national fruit for India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

13. In the country of Bangkadesh, the mango tree is said to be the national tree.

14. The next mango facts is as a green tree that never sheds its leaves. It is also a tall hijua tree, which can reach up to 130 feet in height.

15. Mango trees can only produce their first fruit after 4 years. Then the interesting fact that the mango is famous as a tree that can survive for hundreds of years. There are even mangoes that only bear fruit at the age of 300 years. Wonderful!

16. Mango leaves are an ingredient used in wedding parties in India. This is the case with several other countries in Aisa. They regard the mango leaves as a symbol for getting many offspring.

17. Hindus believe that mango leaves can bring wishes.

18. In ancient times, the mango was an important crop in Southeast Asia. Nobles or Kings, they have their own mango groves. Anyone who owns a snedir mango garden is a source of pride.

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19. Another interesting mango facts, mango leaves are often used by Hindus to brush their teeth on festive days.

20. Burning mango leaves, mango twigs is not recommended because they emit poisonous fumes and can irritate the eyes.

Those are 20 interesting facts about mangoes, hopefully they can add to our knowledge about plants. To find out what are the health benefits of mangoes, please read in the article “the benefits of mangoes for health“.