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Modern Dentistry—How Greenbelt Dentists Elevate Dental Care

Whether you realize it or not, we’ve come to that age when everything is processed digitally. That’s especially true with communication channels. But digital technology isn’t applied in the field of communication alone. Who would have thought that it can be very useful as well in medicine? Who would have ever imagined that it can change the way we think about dentistry?

You read that right—digital dentistry has just been introduced lately as a more specific term that accurately describes modern dentistry. Not every dental office is already adapting to this latest innovation, but we believe that there are already many practitioners who are getting there, if not, are aiming to work towards that goal.

In a nutshell, digital dentistry is the application of newly emerging technologies in the practice of dentistry. It can refer to the use of online media and software applications for easy storing and access to patients’ data and convenient communication between dental practitioners and their patients. Speaking of which, check this out to find out how you can easily schedule your next dental appointment: johnpowersdmd.com/

Digital dentistry is more than just a clinic’s address in the world wide web or any software application it may be using to establish a good rapport with the patients. It also means the actual use of digital technology in the development of tools for better, more effective, and more convenient dental procedures. What are some examples and what benefits do patients get out of it?

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Examples of Digital Dentistry and their Benefits Over Conventional Tools and Procedures

You’ll be amazed at how digital dentistry has enabled dental practitioners to come up with tools and solutions that would make dental care topnotch in this era. Now, let’s discuss three amazing innovations that would make you want to look forward to your next dental appointment.

1. Digital Radiography

Gone are the days when you had to bite on that annoying, uncomfortable hard surface to get an x-ray of your entire jaw and the structure of your teeth in there. With digital radiography, you’ll only need a small sensor to get the same picture, if not, better than that. The biggest benefit patients get out of it is that they receive 70 to 90 percent less radiation from digital x-rays as compared to traditional ones. Find out more useful information here.

Also, you don’t have to wait for the result and come back for your next appointment. You’ll get it instantly within the day. Yes, right at that time of your dental appointment. But wait, we won’t stop right there. You’re not the only one who will experience the benefits of digital radiography. Even the environment would love how sustainable it is since no chemical processing is needed.

2. Digital Smile Design

In Adobe Photoshop, you get a chance to make yourself prettier. You can highlight those curves, remove those blemishes on your face, get rid of those unwanted fats or make your hair look shiny, lovely and put-together. But at the end of the day, it’s just a picture you can use to achieve your dream looks.

Digital Smile Design is a little similar to that. You can customize your dream smile and work together with your dentist to achieve it. In this procedure, a dentist can take photos and videos of a patient’s face. Then, he will use software to edit the shape, size, color, and appearance of the teeth and create a digital design mock-up that gives the patient a glimpse of what his teeth and overall appearance would look like after undergoing a certain dental procedure such as braces. Check out this related study: http://www.jcd.org.in/article.asp?issn=0972-0707;year=2018;volume=21;issue=4;spage=455;epage=458;aulast=Garcia

3. The Wand

Forget about those traumatic experiences you had as a child during your trips to the dentist’s office. Many children are afraid of medical and dental procedures. Well, think about those injections—won’t you be afraid if you’re a four-year-old kid?
Now, kids would see less of those injections. The Wand is a computer-assisted anesthesia system that doesn’t look like that stressful syringe. It applies a much-controlled dose of anesthesia to the gums. Thus, it is painless and doesn’t cause lingering numbness.

Indeed, digital dentistry shows promising results and advantages over conventional procedures. It is fast, convenient, comfortable, effective, and child-friendly.