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Bentonite Clay Side Effects You Have to Aware

This time thealthbenefitsof.com will talk about the benefits and bentonite clay side effects. Bentonite has been used for years by ancient Egyptian. Used internally and externally for purification of mummies. When using bentonite clay you should be careful, because in addition to the benefits also have many side effects.

The Egyptians for thousands of years have used bentonite clay for the purification of the human body. The primitive tribe has known the benefits of this clay and uses it internally and externally. In fact, ancient Roman and ancient Greece also used bentonite clay for health benefits. One of the Indian figures, Mahatma Gandhi suggested for using bentonite clay to recover and detoxify the body.

Before we spot the bentonite clay side effects, let’s take a quick look at the health benefits of bentonite clay.

The Health Benefits

Who knows, in fact the benefits of bentonite clay is great for health. When bentonite is incorporated in liquid colloids, it is beneficial for diarrhea, food allergies, viral infections, food poisoning, stomach cramps, nausea, depression, anorexia and other health problems. However, if consumed then it is beneficial to shed toxins and waste in the intestine. The benefits are not only to shed the poison but also good to overcome gas, bloating, constipation and improve body immunity. It will detoxify the liver and cleanse the colon.

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Why is bentonite clay able to absorb? Because it contains negatively charged molecules. When this molecules entered into the intestines then it will absorb and attract toxic positively charged. Melting is close together and absorb toxic molecules. The bentonite clay conjures up 17 minerals, this is a small amount so it effectively strikes another molecule. When the toxin mixes with clay molecules, then the body will produce clay containing toxins.

In addition to eating, bentonite clay is also useful to rejuvenate skin cells if used as a mask. So, the benefits are not only for health but also for beauty.

Bentonite Clay Side Effects

When talking about side effects, the clay contains a small amount of aluminum. But you do not need to worry because there are no side effects from this content. However, recent research has shown that clay bentanite has the potential to be trapped in the intestine, leading to digestive problems. So, if you want to use bentonite, take with psyllium husk.

That is the potential bentonite clay side effects. So, use with caution and seek the advice of health experts.