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10 Effective Ways to Fight Pollen During Summer and Spring

Effective Ways to Fight Pollen – Pollen is one of the common types of allergies. Allergies like this would really bother you in enjoying the summer, or spring. For those of you who want to avoid pollen allergy there are several ways that you can done, including closing the window, not sleeping outdoors, breathe through your nose, and frequently clean the body.

What’s Pollen

Pollen is one of the substances that are popular in this earth. Pollen is very important presence in the production of male gametes in seed plants. Because so many different types of plant seeds in this planet, so the pollen is very important in the flora.

Pollen is very common in the spring and summer, where the plant began to reproduce. Because spring is the time to plant reproduction, and it is very common that men is involved with and can not stay away from pollen. Unfortunately, many people who are allergic to pollen particles so their health is impaired. Pollen carried by the wind throughout the plant even nature, human beings are no exception will also be affected by pollen.

To avoid pollen, there are several ways that can be achieved as it is said organicfacts.net. below.

10 Effective Ways to Fight Pollen

1. Close your Windows

One effective way to fight pollen is with close the windows of your houses. It seems a trivial thing. But this method is very effective to prevent your body from pollen carried by the wind. To prevent and fight the pollen have to start from home. If you open the window spring season, then there are millions of pollen will enter your home and cause allergies. Remember! your home is shelter, so avoid it from pollen.

2. Use the dryer

Another thing to note during the spring and summer to avoid pollen is drying clothes. Drying clothes outdoors is very fast. However, it will makes a lot of allergen particles attached to the clothes during the spring and summer. Using these clothes make you infected with allergies as there are many allergens in your clothes. Preferably, dry your clothes inside the house by using a dryer.

3. Do not Use Window Fans

Window fans seem to be an alternative for cool your home in summer or spring. However, if you suffer from severe allergies should not use a window fan because it can make allergen particles into the house from outside your home.

4. Avoid going during the day

Furthermore, way to fight pollen during summer and spring is settle in the house during the day. However, it would seem silly if you just settle in without enjoying the beauty of the summer and spring.

There are other ways that you can do to enjoy the beautiful summer or spring. You can come out when the pollen does not fly in the air. Morning is the best time to take a stroll and enjoy the beauty of spring, because the pollen is falling to the ground due to the amount of dew at night. So also in the middle of evening in wonderful summer, you can go out to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. Midnight is the day of the dew that makes a lot of pollen fall to the ground and the air cleaner.

5. Trim your lawn

The grass sticking pollen that flying. You can minimize pollen by keeping the grass stays short at page so that pollen is not on your steps when walking. This method is very effective in reducing the pollen attached to your clothing, shoes, and even your pets.

6. Check the weather

Next ways to fight pollen is by checked the weather on internet. Look carefully through an application on the internet about when a good time fatherly out. Usually when there is rain, the pollen will fall to the ground so it is not struck to your clothes and body. Then, after the rain is the best time for sightseeing and started its activity in curved space. So, check the weather forecasts.

7. Breathe through the nose

Breathing through the nose is an effective way to fight the pollen. The nose is breathing very perfect tool created by God. Nose equipped with hair that can filter out various allergens and pathogen coming when breathing such as pollen. While the mouth is not equipped with the hair, then stay away from your mouth breathing.

8. Exercise in the house

Morning exercises or jogging in outside of the home during the spring season is really fun. However, you should be careful. If the current number of pollen struck your body, it will be dangerous. The alternative is choose a home from jogging exercise.It is useful for avoiding body contact with pollen or allergens.

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More-over, when jogging a person tends to breathe with mouth. If you do this when pollen is much in the air, then it could be dangerous.

9. Place the plant outdoors

Decorate the room with some plants may be a good idea to add to the beauty of the room. But plants that have pollen can actually endanger your health if you suffer from allergy. You can replace it with a non-pollen plants such as cacti, and ferns.

10. Wash Your Pets

Pay attention to your pet to keep it free of allergens such as pollen. You should wash your pet as often as possible in the summer or spring. Pets playing outside will be contaminated with a variety of illegal substances that can make your allergies. So, the best way to keep them clean from pathogen, bacteria and pollen is to wash them more often.

These are 10 effective ways to fight pollen during summer and spring. Hopefully this short article helpful for you. Do not let just you know, but share also to your friends.