Home remedy to get rid of flies – The flies are small insects that are flying with two wings. Flies have very many species of this earth. There are at least 1.20 million species of flies; they can change from one form to another in line with its growth. The flies do not bite like ticks, but the flies can transfer disease through their dirty feet.

Some conditions may occur as a result of flies such as cholera, swollen eyes, typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery.

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home remedy to get rid of flies

Flies like a dirty, dirty house with garbage was strewn, and moist environments typically are favored by flies. Moreover, there is a burning trash that has accumulated various impurities.

If your environment a lot of flies, you can drive away the flies by using the following home remedy.

10 Home Remedy to Get Rid of Flies

1. Camphor

This is a hazardous material for various types of insects, not only flies, but even cockroaches can also be run off with this material. To keep the flies off, you can spray the camphor toward the flies, the flies away it will create even death.

2. UV Traps

UV traps are an efficient trap for flies. Flies are also interested in closer so that they easily fall into this trap. UV light traps are an effective way to kill houseflies.

3. Basil

Furthermore, a home remedy to get rid of flies is basil. Basil leaves are not only good for human health but also enough to repel flies. Flies can not tolerate the smell of basil so that it can drive them. So, do not forget you equip your garden with these plants.

In addition to basil, you can also grow crops of mint and lavender. The existence of this plant can get rid of the flies from the outside.

4. Fly Swat

Another method used to repel flies is to use a tool Fly Swat. This is a very simple electric engine in combating flies in your home.

5. Essential Oils

The next home remedy to get rid of flies is essential oil. Essential oils such as citronella oil, peppermint, lavender extra work in flies dispel.

You can spray the oil is in the living room or the kitchen to eliminate flies. These oils not only provide a fragrant aroma but also can remove flies.

6. Screening

This is a trick to prevent the flies go home. By making the nets at home, gap not only dispel the flies but also can provide sufficient lighting for your room.

7. Soap apples

Furthermore, a home remedy to get rid of flies is soap apple. Enter apple liquid soap in a bowl and place in the room were a lot of flies.

Flies usually fascinated with the scent of apples, so they approached the bowl of juicy soap apples, one by one they will be immersed in the soap.

8. Switch ‘ON’ the Fan

Turning on the fan is the most simple way but very effective to repel flies out of the room. Only by turning on the fan flies will fly and move, you do not need to do anything else. That is all

9. Cucumbers

Cucumber is a Crunchy fruit that is very well liked. However, this fruit makes flies away. Flies are not resistant to the scent of cucumber. Put a few slices of cucumber in the trash or it could be in the room were a lot of flies. Then flies will go away and stay away.

10. Using cinnamon

Cinnamon can be used as air fresheners. But for the fly this is a disaster. The aroma of cinnamon makes the flies did not survive, thus forcing them to leave.

These are some home remedy to get rid of flies. By way of this nature would fly away and your home will be safe from flies. Flies are not bitten but these animals can be a medium for the spread of various diseases. Be careful!

11. Apple Cider Vinegar and Eucalyptus Oil

This is a very effective remedy against house flies. All you need to make this fly repellent is 1/4 cup witch hazel, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and about 60 drops of eucalyptus oil. Follow these guidelines:

  • Add apple cider vinegar and witch hazel in a spray bottle and shake well.
  • Add eucalyptus oil in this mixture, and beat again
  • You can use this mixture on your skin to repel flies or spray them.

12. Ginger Spray

It is a natural and powerful fly repellent with a high level of effectiveness. Almost the same as the ingredients of chili and basil leaves which can also be effective in repelling house flies.

Ginger and water are also a natural mixture that can repel flies from the house and even become a fly repellent for use in chicken farms. Ginger has a pleasant smell to humans, but it is very bad for flies and keeps them away. To make a fly repellent out of ginger, follow these guidelines:

  • Add two tablespoons of powdered ginger to a bowl with e cup of water.
  • Stir this mixture well until the ginger is completely mixed
  • Strain the mixture and transfer it to a spray bottle
  • Spray to a place where flies often accumulate

13. The Honey Trap

Making traps from honey is also a solution to get rid of flies. It is very effective at trapping small fruit flies. The sweet smell of honey makes flies come to the place, then they are trapped and fall in the liquid.

To make this trap, you will need a tall glass, and some tissues.

  • Roll the tissue into a cone that fits into the glass, and place it on the surface of the glass, making the small end of the tissue a gateway for flies.
  • However this is not big enough to get them out

When they smell the honey, they will come, and get into the cone, then they will be trapped in the glass with no way out.

14. Vinegar Fly Trap

Apple cider vinegar traps are great for catching house flies. The stench of fermenting apples and grapes allows flies to come in and they will fall into the liquid.

How to make this trap is very easy, you just pour apple cider vinegar into a bowl, and mix a little with dish soap. Apple cider vinegar will attract flies, while soap will make the surface of the vinegar slippery and not strong enough to hold flies, and make them drown.