Home Remedy to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Home remedy to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are insects that bite and suck the blood of humans as food. Bed bugs are a very disturbing human comfort when in bed. The itching is one proof that there are bed bugs in the bed. Bed bugs can multiply quickly. In one day, they can produce five eggs, so when you find one-bed bugs in the bed, it means there are many other bed bugs and ready to go out when you are sleeping.

Bed bugs usually suck human blood when in the evenings, when the man was sound asleep. Especially if you turn off the lights when night. However, it also depends on how you sleep, because if they smell your blood, then immediately they approach the source, either day or night.

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Because the presence of bed bugs is very annoying, then we need to know how to get rid of bed bugs. In addition to using chemicals, we can also use natural ingredients to repel bedbugs on the bed. Indeed, bugs do not transmit the disease to humans, but this creature gives itching that annoying, but it also makes the bed like a pillow, bed sheets get dirty droppings. This is why you have to use the home remedy to get rid of bed bugs.

For those of you who want to exterminate bedbugs, here are some home remedies to get rid of bed bugs from your room.

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Home Remedy to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

1. Durian Skin

Durian skin is a home remedy to repel bedbugs. Stench caused by the skin of durian is an effective drug in banishing bed bugs from your bed. You can put durian skin under your bed. In this way the bedbugs will move little by little from where you are.

2. The mixture of camphor with kerosene

Furthermore, a home remedy to get rid of bed bugs is by interfering kerosene with camphor. The trick is to grind camphor until smooth and then mix into kerosene. A mixture of these two materials you can use to exterminate bed bugs, by smearing this home remedy on the sidelines of the places inhabited by bedbugs.

3. Spray insect repellent

Spray Insect repellent can also be used to spray on bedbugs. Spray part of the bed like a mattress, bed corner, or between parts of the house that suspected the bedbugs.

Here are some home remedies to get rid of bed bugs that you can try. This home remedy is usually more efficient to dispel these creatures that reside in the mattress (bed).