Home Remedies 3 Home Remedies Alum Powder For Canker Sore

3 Home Remedies Alum Powder For Canker Sore

Canker sore is a very irritating disease and makes you can not eat certain foods such as spicy food. Thrush is a wound on the mouth area of ​​red or white. There are many causes of canker sore ranging from stress, low immunity, or braces.

Alum powder is a good home remedy for treating ulcers. It is also used by men to shave for centuries. Alum has tremendous benefits to cure various diseases. Maybe this could be the reason why you should have an alum box at home.

Potash alum is known by various names in accordance with certain regional languages. It’s is also called Alum, Phatakadi in Malayalam, Picking Alum in English, the Indians call it Fitkari, Sphatikari in Sanskrit, Patki in Sindhi, Phitkari in Urdu, Patika in Kannada, tamils ​​call it as Padikaram, Phatakiri in Bengali, Phatakadi in Gujarati language, Tawas in Philippines and Turti in Marathi. Another region call it with other language.

Alum Powder For Canker Sores

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To treat ulcer wounds usually use a small piece of alum, used as flour and placed on top of canker sore. At first this is very painful but you will be free from canker at the next day. If you have thrush, canker sore, use alum powder, this is a very effective home remedy because it can make you heal quickly.

Another way of treating canker sore is by rubbing alum on a stone. Use its paste to treat canker sore. There is also a method of treatment with gargling of the fluids from alum powder and salt. When gargling, you will feel a burning sensation, but this drug will quickly cure your problem.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to make alum into a canker syringe. We say you are an alum mouth rinse, and this is easy for you to make at home. How to make water rinse from alum is very easy. Boil water in a pan, insert salt until dissolved. Mix with alum powder, and once dissolve, hang out from heat and stay up till warm. Use its as a mouthwash 2-3 times a day.

Alum Powder For Canker Sore

Here are some ways to make alum into a canker sore medicine

1. Alum Block for canker sore

Take a little alum block and rub it on the stone using a little water, rub it into a paste. Then take the paste and place it on the sore thrush, wait a few minutes before spitting it, be careful not to swallow.

2. Alum Powder to treat canker sore

Take a little bit of alum powder and place it on a sore thrush. Use only a little and do not swallow it. After using it, wait a minute and release it out.

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3. Alum mouth rinse for treating canker sore

This is a very easy way to do at home. Boil a cup of water with 1/2 tablespoon crystal salt. Once dissolved, add 1/4 tablespoons of alum powder. If it is dissolved, let stand until warm or almost cold. Use to gargle 2 to 3 times a day.

Some things to note:

  • Use crystal agar instead of salt powder to make an alum mouth rinse
  • If you are strong with little pain, try using the first or second way.
  • Alum including toxic materials, so do not swallow it
  • If using mouthwash, do not forget to clean the mouth with clean water.