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9 Healthy Salty Snacks, Snacks Alternatives

Healthy salty snacks – you like salty snacks? you should reduce it because the food is not good for health. However, if you can not hold up, here are some salty snacks for you.

Salty snacks generally feared by many people because it can affect the health. If you are worried about yourself, you can try some healthy snacks below.

9 Healthy Salty Snacks

#Blue Cheese Dip Potato Chips

healthy salty snacks

To get the best results from potato chips, you try to use a mandolin as a tool for cutting potatoes. If you cut it with your hand of course the result will not be satisfactory because the chips are not equally thin. Bake the chips for 2 minutes at a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius.

#Trail Mix

trail mix

Trail mix is ​​a healthy salty snacks you can give to the children. The tricks to get your children want to eat trail mix is ​​to add something sweet and nutritious. Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc and magnesium, so good for health. In addition, you can use cranberries that are rich in vitamin C and fiber.

#Chocolate-Almond Pretzels

Chocolate Almond Pretzels

This is a recipe for gluten-free pretzels and chocolate. You can try this healthy salty foods as your child’s favorite snacks.

#Spicy Maple-Cashew Popcorn

Spicy Maple Cashew Popcorn

To make the children prefer the snacks that you prepare it, get rid of red pepper and store in an airtight container for up to two days.

#Popcorn Balls

popcorn balls

Furthermore, healthy salty snacks is popcorn balls. Only with $ 0.32 for a single serving. Your child will enjoy it, especially after they return from school.

#Kale chips

kale chips healthy salty snacks

Then, salty snacks that are healthy is kale chips. If you frequently consume kale vegetables, why not try the kale chips as a snack family. Crispy kale chips, salted and easy to make.

For better results, try sprinkle grated parmesan on top of kale, sweet peppers, then grilled.

#Peanut-Almond Snack Bars

peanut almond snack bars

These foods are very tempting your kids. The snack is made from a mixture of pretzels, peanut butter, marshmallows, almonds, and a little chocolate. Your kid would not stand his lust.

#Baked Pita Chips

Baked pita chips

This salty chips is suitable for school children. Change the habit of your children in eating snacks outside with make your own snacks from home.

#Sweet and Spicy Nut and Pretzel Mix

sweet spicy nut pretzel mix

It is very tasty healthy salty snacks to enjoy with family. Baked nuts in the oven and serve to children.