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5 Wonderful Health Benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic

Health Benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic. It is an extraordinary plant that can survive in extreme cold weather. This plant grows in the mountains of Himalaya and can only be found there. Very few plants can survive in the cold of snow, Snow Mountain Garlic is one of them.

The benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic are extraordinary. For that very many of them are hunting and looking for this Himalaya garlic. For those of you who have not know about advantages and benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic, here we explain one by one, may be useful and become valuable information.

Health Benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic

Based on recent research, garlic has a real function in attacking cancer cells. People who consume garlic can lower their risk of cancer by 50%, it could also be a cure for diabetes and heart disease. Other health benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic are revitalizing the brain’s nerves and preventing brain tumors.

1. Fight cancer

Garlic contains many organosulfur compounds, said more than 30 types of these substances are found in garlic. One of them is diaIIyl trisulfide (DATS), it serves to kill cancer cells and prevent its expansion. Recent research shows that garlic is able to prevent breast cancer cells, stomach, prostate, esophagus, skin cancer, and cancer of the bladder in animals.

While other studies have found that eating garlic may lower the risk of colorectal cancer by 2/3.

Then, the data collected by the National Cancer Institute that garlic such as Snow Mountain Garlic can reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 52%, pancreatic cancer 54% and colon cancer 50%. Garlic is also known to contain sulfur compounds that are useful for killing deadly brain tumor cells.

2. Cold & Cough

Furthermore, the health benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic is to reduce the risk of colds and coughs by 50%. Research suggests that people must consume 3-4 cloves of garlic every day. To minimize the odor, you can slice a fine garlic and include in your dish like rice.

For maximum results, smash the garlic before cooking it

3. Lung Cancer

Health benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic is curing lung cancer. The cancer has symptoms that must be on the caution such as cough, chest pain, to a bloody cough.

So, taking Snow Mountain Garlic regularly can reduce the potential for lung cancer. Consumption of 3 cloves of garlic before breakfast and 3 others before bed at night.

4. Cure diabetes

For people with diabetes, Snow Mountain Garlic is also very effective as an antidote and healer.

SMG or Snow Mountain Garlic is used as a conventional engagement in many parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, Middle East in treating diabetes. Research shows that garlic is useful for controlling diabetes.

5. Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure

Snow Mountain Garlic is also good for controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol which is ultimately beneficial for heart disease. The study says that garlic lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. In addition to consuming garlic you can also consume garlic supplement (must be supervised by a doctor).

Garlic supplement can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In garlic also contain hydrogen sulphide, its a chemical that is useful to make muscles become relaxed and help limit blood pressure.

In addition, garlic including Snow Mountain Garlic prevents plaque formation and liquefies blood. This can reduce the risk of stroke and thrombosis. A research proves that those who diligently consume garlic oil every day for 10 months can reduce the risk of blood clots up to 83%.

How to Uses SMG (Snow Mountai Garlic)

Here are some ways to make a herb from Snow Mountain Garlic for some common ailments:

Treating acne: Peel 2-3 garlic tubers and massage on the sore for 10 minutes.

For asthma: Take 2 garlic bulbs and remove the outer skin. Boil with a glass of milk and drink at night.

Indigestion: Take 2 garlic and boiled bulbs with a cup of milk or water. Drink daily

Treat High Blood Pressure: Eat 2 cloves of garlic when you wake up in the morning or when your stomach is empty.

Treating cholesterol: Peel 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and consumption when the stomach is empty.

Treating wounds: Squeeze the garlic and stir in a little water. Wash the wound with this mixture. Do it twice a day

Treat ascaris: Peel and squeeze 10 cloves of garlic, soak in a glass of water. Drink when your stomach is empty.