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Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost Pepper (Key Differences)

In the previous post we have known some of the hottest peppers in the world. Among the peppers there is the Carolina Reaper and the Ghost Pepper. Here we will narrow the discussion to these two types of pepper. We made it under the title “Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost Pepper”, what are the differences between the them.

Many people still think that Ghost pepper is the hottest pepper in the world until now, even though now there are various types of pepper that are much spicier, and now the hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper. So, feel it is important for us to provide the main differences between Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost pepper.

Both are very easy to find in the market, but talking about the level of capsaicin content, now the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world. The difference between the two is not only a matter of taste, but there are many differences between Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost Pepper such as origin, color, shape, use and availability in the market.

Ok, here we will explain about the main differences between the them.

Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost Pepper, The Differences

Caroline Reaper Overview

When we talk about the hottest pepper, we immediately think of the carolina reaper, the hottest pepper in the world today and is number one among several other peppers. The name of this pepper indicates that this is not an ordinary pepper or born by itself but the result of a hybrid developed by South Carolina breeder, Ed Currie.

The Carolina Reaper is a pepper in the Capsicum Chinense species. Ed Currie, then he crossed between ghost pepper and habanero to produce a type that is very spicy in this world.

And then the result, exactly as planned where the pepper carolina reaper has a high enough level of capsaicin so that the level of spiciness is very high among other peppers. This pepper broke the record as the hottest pepper today.

Ghost Pepper Overview

In addition to the Carolina Reaper, Ghost pepper is also included in the list of the hottest peppers among some peppers. Ghost pepper is also the result of a hybrid between two different types of pepper. The Ghost pepper is the result of a cross between Capsicum Chinense and Capsicum frutescens.

Ghost pepper originated in India, but is now found all over the world.

Ghost pepper was crowned as the hottest pepper in the world in 2007. But then after the birth of another hybrid chili, ghost pepper became far behind in terms of spiciness level. At that time another new pepper hybrid appeared, namely the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper, in 2011.

Ghost pepper has a very different shape from other types of pepper and probably lives up to its name.

Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost Pepper

Here we have a look at the main differences between Carolina Reaper Vs Ghost pepper, let’s find out the main differences between the two.

The difference between carolina reaper vs ghost pepper lies in 4 important points, and one of them is the origin and different SHU rating.

1. Origin and SHU Rating

Ghost pepper is pepper that was developed in India, so we call it ghost pepper from India even though now it has spread throughout the world. While the Corolina Reaper is the hottest pepper when it was developed at Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA.

Ghost pepper won the rating as the hottest pepper in 2007 with an SHU rating of 1,041,427. But then another pepper appeared, which we call the carolina reaper, where the SHU rating is at 1,569,300 and this causes the Carolina Reaper to beat other peppers in terms of spiciness.

The uses of ghost pepper and carolina reaper are both for cooking spices or for baking. However, because of the high level of spiciness, you have to consider the amount of use.

2. Shapes and Colors

Then the difference between carolina reaper vs ghost pepper is also visible in terms of shape and color.

The Carolina Reaper has a unique shape and is unlike any other pepper that has ever existed. The shape is wavy and the tail is pointed like a mouse tail but short. His skin was also wrinkled, and red in color.

While the Ghost pepper has a different shape to the carolina reaper, it is longer, maybe around 88mm long and about 30mm wide. Ghost Pepper comes in a variety of colors, some are yellow, orange, and brown. While the skin is very thin.

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3. Availability and Uses

The difference between Carolina Reaper vs Ghost pepper is also in terms of its availability in the market as well as its benefits or uses.

You’d rarely find these peppers in local supermarkets, especially if you don’t live in regions where they are endemic. The best place to buy either of these peppers is online stores.

Both are used to make delicious, hot spices. It is usually used for baking and for making sauces.

4. Cultivation

For ghost pepper cultivation, it should be done in an area with a fixed temperature of 75oF. In warm soil with temperatures of 80-90-degree F, ghost peppers take 34 days to germinate.

Meanwhile, the carolina reaper can grow well in areas with colder temperatures, namely: 64–68 °F (18–20 °C). Carolina Reaper is also recommended for cultivation in pots for faster and better growth.

That is the key differences between Carolina Reaper vs Ghost Pepper. The hottest pepper in the world is currently held by the Carolina Reaper variant from Carolina, USA.