9 Powerful Health benefits of Garlic

The health benefits of garlic is tremendous and to day we will talk bout it. The Garlic is a spice that became one of the herbs. Garlic has tremendous benefits for health. However, pungent aroma of garlic made not favored by many people. We only get the benefits of garlic when garlic is inserted in the seasoning.

The health benefits of garlic are very immense, one of which is as free-radical scavengers and prevent cancer. There are many other health benefits of garlic. Here are some health benefits of garlic.

12 Powerful Health Benefits of Garlic

1. As a remedy in treatment

Garlic contains many allicin substances that acts as an anti-bacterial, so eating garlic can kill bacteria in the mouth or the gut.

The content of Allicin in garlic makes onion has many benefits such as weight loss, thin the blood, preventing hypertension, an anti-cancer agent, antioxidant and anti-microbial.

Allicin Substance gives garlic this odor characteristic, but the benefits are incredible.

2. Treating cancer

Garlic is a natural herb that contains many properties for health, including treating cancer. It is great, cancer is a deadly disease and difficult to cure. In fact, cancer can be treated with garlic.

The anti-oxidants in the garlic cause this herb strong in fighting against the growth of cancer cells in the body.

3. Health Benefits of Garlic for Lowering blood pressure

In lowering blood pressure, it has been proven through research. People who have high blood pressure can lower blood pressure by eating garlic.

4. Rich in nutrients and low in calories

Garlic is one herb that has the nutritional content is exquisite for the body. Garlic is very high in vitamin C and calcium and iron.

The content of nutrients in every 136 grams of garlic

  • Vitamin C; Meets 71% of daily needs
  • Calcium; Meets 25% of daily needs
  • Iron; Meets 13% of daily needs
  • Carbohydrate (45 g); 15% of daily needs
  • Fiber (3 g); meets 11% of daily needs.

5. Powerful Antivirus Source

Not only to prevent, but garlic is also known as an anti-virus and bacteria, substances contained in garlic may help avoid the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses and worms in the body.

6. Eliminate the bad cholesterol.

One other greatness of garlic is its ability to lower bad cholesterol. It was able to eliminate the LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body significantly; various research proves that garlic can cut LDL as much as 10-15%.

7. Health benefits of Garlic for Skin

Consuming garlic not only for health benefits but also for beauty benefits, It’s like the benefits of watermelon, garlic also provides excellent benefits for skin beauty.

  • Clear blackheads. Blackheads that often appear in the nose area can be overcome by sticking garlic that has been crushed.
  • Get rid of scars. Scars can also be eliminated by using the herb garlic because garlic is anti-inflammatory, so this herb can cleanse the skin from scars.
  • As an acne medication. Beauty benefits of garlic to get rid of acne. Puree garlic and rub the skin with acne before bed.

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8. Lose weight

Various research has found that the anti-inflammatory substances in garlic can regulate fat cells that formed in our body. Obesity or weight gain occurs when fat continues to form, this phase change Pre-adipocytes into fat cells (adipocytes) via the inflammatory system. Vinyldithiin substances contained in garlic may help inhibit the inflammatory process, so it’s great to keep the weight off.

9. Drug for a toothache

You often get a toothache. The health benefits of garlic for a pain has been tested. Because cavities are caused by bacteria that present on the teeth. Antivirus and anti-bacteria in garlic can eradicate the bacteria that cause tooth pain.