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Top 9 Health Benefits Of Donating Blood

Health Benefits Of Donating Blood – Have you ever donated blood? Blood donors are not only of great benefit to other but also very good for our health as a giver. Blood donors are noble deeds that indicate our caring for each other. But more than that, because the benefits of blood donors are also very great for health. If you do not know the benefits of blood donation, on this occasion we will provide an explanation of the usefulness of blood donors.

Top 9 Health Benefits of Donating Blood Regularly

1. Smooth blood flow

In the blood sometimes contains viscosity that can cause some resistance to prevent blood flow so that blood is not smooth even can cause blockage of arteries that can be fatal. If we do a blood donor regularly then it’s can be prevented so that the blood flow is not blocked. That is why, those who often donate blood have less risk to heart attacks, even blood donors can routinely lower heart attacks and strokes by up to 88%.

2. Get regular health checks

When donating blood, the health person does not directly take blood on your body, but they will perform instant health checkups associated with blood pressure, pulse rate, hemoglobin levels in the blood and others. If the result is good, then the health will take your blood and save for further examination.

When they’ve pocketed your blood, it’s also not directly transferred to the patient but your blood goes through up to 13 checks. They will check whether your blood contains a virus or infectious disease. If everything is fine and your blood is good, they will use it for the patient’s who needs. But if your blood is problematic then you will get notification from health authorities. It’s all free for you.

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3. Regulate blood regenerate

If we do a blood donor regularly then red blood cells will always be formed. This is called the regeneration of new cells. It does not happen to those who do not do blood donation. Thus, blood donors provide benefits to the formation of new blood cells that are very useful for the health of the body. New blood cells are formed after 48 hours of blood donation and will be perfectly formed within 4 to 8 weeks. So, the formation of new blood cells is very important to maintain the body’s stability.

4. Maintain iron balance

Iron balance is important in the body, as the formation of red blood cells, it’s existence is very important. For that we need to guard it. Someone can say healthy if the iron in the body reaches 5 grams. Iron is sometimes present in red blood cells that are useful for carrying oxygen throughout the body and sometimes also in bone marrow.

If iron deficiency then someone will experience anemia. But most and iron excess is also not good because it can cause damage to blood vessels. The benefit of blood donors for health is to maintain a balance of iron levels in the body. But if you have a blood deficiency, you are prohibited from doing blood donor because it can reduce the amount of iron in the body.

5. Increase longevity

Doing good to others will benefit yourself. Donating blood can provide tremendous benefits such as longevity. In a study published by Psychology of Health, said that those who help others without self-interest have lower mortality risk compared with those who do not like to help others. Blood donor action is a good deed that can help others without the need for money. In turn, helping other people’s lives can save us ourselves.

6. Prevents cancer

Research reveals that excess of iron in the body can cause free radical damage. So regulate the levels of iron can prevent a person from cell damage or cancer. If the damage to the body due to free radicals, it is can appear cancer and premature aging. So, arranging for a steady amount of iron is essential.

7. Burn a lot of calories

Based on research, people who donating blood, they burn a lot of calories, said about 650 calories for each pint of blood. That’s why, if we want to lose weight, regular blood donation is one quick solution. But you should not donate blood lonely, please get the expert permission first.

8. Reduce the risk of heart attack

Many studies have suggested that regular blood donation is beneficial to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. This is a positive effect of reducing iron in the blood when donating. So, iron is important for health but as long as it is not excessive. The usefulness of iron is to transport oxygen through blood cells throughout the body. However excessive iron buildup can cause heart problems like coronary heart disease.

9. Preventing to liver damage

In addition to causing a stroke, excess iron in the body can also cause liver damage. By donating regularly the excess iron can be overcome so that the liver is clean and healthy.

The liver has a very important role for the body’s work processes such as metabolizing nutrients, converting glucose into glycogen, and getting rid of toxins in the body. So, we must maintain the health of this important organ and one of them is with blood donor regularly.