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Top 10 Health Benefits of Ackee Fruit

Health Benefits of Ackee Fruit – Ackee is a type of fruit that is still classified in the family lychee and longan. Ackee fruit originated in Africa, precisely in Guiana West Africa. However, now its development is increasingly widespread, Even Jamaica cultivate this spit as a national fruit. When it was raw, the fruit looks like a watery apple and the seam is not yet open.

Ackee tree has a beautiful shape so that in some countries used as an ornamental plant. While Jamaica makes ackee fruit the staple, they cultivate it nationally. The ackee fruit harvest 2 times in a year.

The color of the fruit is red mixed with yellow, but when the ripe turns to red light color. Stitches on the skin of the fruit are also open, ackee fruit is considered safe to eat when it is ripe naturally. While raw ackee is very toxic to eat. The weight of the fruit reaches 100-200 grams per fruit. Ackee can be fed directly or made as a favorite family’s food. Jamaican residents often cook ackee fruit with salted fish. Both mixture will taste like scrambled eggs.

Nutritional Value of Ackee Fruit

Ackee fruit contains many healthy fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals that are good for health. This fruit contains healthy fats, not like some people think. Ackee does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats so it is safe in eating for anyone.

Here we see the nutritional value of Ackee fruit in every 100 grams of flash.

Component Amount/ 100 g % Daily Value
Energy 151 Cal 7,55 %
Carbohydrates 0,8 g 0,62 %
Protein 2,9 – 8,9 g 5,8 – 17,8 %
Fat 15,2 g 25,33 %
Total dietary fiber 2,7 g 10,8 %
Zinc 1 mg 9,09 %
Sodium 240 mg 16 %
Potassium 270 mg 5,74 %
Calcium 35 – 83 mg 3,5 – 8,3 %
Iron 5 mg 27,77 %
Phosphorus 98 mg 9,8 %
Niacin (vit B3) 1,1 – 3,9 mg 6,8 – 19,5 %
Thiamin (vit B1) 0,03 mg 2,50 %
Riboflavin (vit B2) 0,07 mg 5,38 %

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Super Health Benefits of Ackee

The Jamaicans regard the ackee fruit as a blessing to them. However, they also regard a raw fruit as a curse due to containing lethal poison. The ackee fruit that has been ripe as a staple food and becomes a traditional medicine to treat the disease.

Ackee fruit contains many nutrients so that the health benefits of ackee no doubt anymore. Let’s see what are the benefits of health.

1. Lowering high blood pressure

Ackee is a very good fruit for maintaining blood stability. The potassium content is so high that it is good for blood control. While the potassium is medicine to dilate blood vessels. It will be easy for the heart to pump blood throughout the body organs.

High blood pressure is dangerous because it can break the blood vessels. Narrow vessels will provide higher blood pressure. In certain cases, it can cause a stroke or heart attack. For that, Ackee fruit is great for keeping blood vessels good.

2. Protein Source

One of the health benefits of ackee is to regenerate body cells and muscles so that it works well. The protein content in ackee is important for the regeneration process. In addition, the protein is also difficult to digest so that makes us quickly satiated and durable.

If you are a vegetarian, do not forget to add ackee fruit to your daily diet. This is great because it is low in fat.

3. Strengthens bones

As we have seen in the table, ackee fruit contains a lot of calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. The content of this substance is great for maintaining healthy bones to stay solid and avoid porously.

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4. Fiber Source

Furthermore, ackee fruit contains high fiber which is important for the digestion of the body. So, thanks to fiber, health benefits of ackee should not be underestimated. Fiber will keep the stool wet and easy to remove. The digestive process becomes smooth and you can avoid constipation, colon cancer and abdominal bloating.

5. Boosts Immune System

Zinc and vitamin C are two important substances in the immune system. Both work together against flu and viruses. So, reasonable that South Americans and Africans use ackee to fight the flu and the fever. The benefits of ackee fruit also reduce the complication of illness if consumed when flu.

While the fever in children is also can cure with ackee, but the part that used is “ackee leaves” that have been finely mashed. Then, the child with the fever was bathed with water.

6. Treating anemia

Anemia is a symptom of red blood cell deficiency. Ackee fruit is rich in iron and folate. Both are essential for the formation of healthy red blood cells. While vitamin C helps the body absorb iron so that iron content can be utilized maximally.

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7. Supports heart health

Furthermore, ackee benefits are to maintain heart health. Ackee contains unsaturated fatty acids that are useful for maintaining body functions. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids are also useful for lowering bad cholesterol. In fact, we will be awake from atherosclerosis that can cause stroke, heart attack and other problems associated with the heart.

8. Controls Blood Sugar Level

Ackee fruit also rich in complex carbohydrates. Beneficial for energy production and blood sugar control. In addition, it is high in fiber so it helps reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestine. it is will maintain blood sugar stability.

9. Treating skin infections

One of the health benefits of ackee is to treat wounds and infections of the skin. Africans use this leaf as a medicine to treat ulcers and yaws. How to make this herb is very easy. You just need to pound the ackee leaves along with the salt. Paste on the skin with the wound.

10. Prevents Muscle Cramps

Cramping is a health problem that occurs when the body is dehydrated and lacks electrolytes. It usually happens when the weather is hot and after sports. Consuming Ackee fruit can improve and normalize electrolytes because they contain sodium and potassium.

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