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4 Foods Should be Avoided According to Brain Doctor

The brain needs nutrients from a variety of foods. There are many foods that recommended by brain doctor for consumption. However, did you know which foods are forbidden for consumption according to brain doctor’s advice! The food is prohibited because it could damage the brain.

Foods Should be Avoided According to Brain Doctor

1. Glutamate

One of the foods that damage the brain is glutamate. Glutamate is present in the food additive and often becomes a substitute for sugar. This material is also used for food processing and meat. Glutamate is a food that can damage the brain and nerve cells. Consuming these foods can increase the risk of diseases such as Parkinson’s and autism.

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Brain damage caused by glutamate is serious and will last for a long time. However, it is has been ignored for a long time by society. Many children who consume foods and beverages with the content of glutamate and this is considered as common things.

According to the study, vitamin B12 that called methylcobalamin was able to recover brain damage caused by glutamate.

2. Large sea fish

Another thing that should be done is avoid eating large sea fish that many mercury content. Mercury can cause brain cell damage and cognitive impairment. Swordfish, mackerel, tile and shark contain high levels of mercury. So, avoid eating these fish in the long term.

3. Trans fats

Furthermore, foods that damage brain cells are trans fats. Trans fats interfere with the nerves and cause inflammation and brain shrinkage. Foods containing trans fats are microwave popcorn, bakery items, and includes fried foods by using margarine. These foods are all going to damage the brain, then avoid eating early.

4. Sweet drinks/Sugary drinks

Stay away from sugary drinks at any price. Consuming sugary drinks will make the body is always hungry and end up eating a lot of food. This happens because the brain regulatory system can not work properly.

Stay away from gluten

The study found that the gluten in bread, bagels, pasta, also very harmful to the brain. This substance will impair your thinking. In addition, the food was bad for the health of the brain is like a food filled with preservatives, no trans fats and artificial sugars.

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So, avoid these foods because it can damage the brain and cause disease. it is very important to note, especially in children. Familiarize children to eat food from home and avoid them instant foods or food sold in the market because this food is poison for their growth. If you want your child healthy and genius, then avoid processed foods from them early on.