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Face Tape for Instant Face Tightening. Is it Effective? Let us Tell You!

We definitely want to age well without bad things happening to the face, we want to age pretty slowly, but a lot that happens to us is premature aging. Facial lines are clearly visible, wrinkles on the face decorate old age, and this makes us feel inferior. Even though there are many ways to tighten the face, such as facelift surgery, botox, non-surgical facelifts, etc., most women still want a safe, risk-free and of course low price.

There is a cheaper and safer way to tighten the face, this is a face tape that can tighten the face instantly, returning your youthful face. Face tape is a method of tightening facial skin without using harmful chemicals and does not hurt. So, in this article we will discuss how to tighten the face using the face tape method and we will see how effective this method is.

Understanding What Is A Face Tape?

Basically, this method is a facial wrinkle solution with the help of ribbons for use on adult faces. This method will beautify your face again by stretching your face and creating the illusion of a tight and beautiful face. This non-surgical method creates instant facial smoothness and is usually popular among Hollywood celebrities. However, now this facelift tape solution has expanded and has become a trend among the lower classes.

Why do We use Face Tapes for Face Lift?

Face tape is an easy, inexpensive method that can get instant results. For women who want to try an easy and practical way without surgery and without using chemicals, it looks like you can try this face tape. Your skin will be firmer, younger and more beautiful. You can change your facial appearance quickly without the need for surgery or chemical injections.

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How Does A Face Tape Come?

This instant fixing tape uses two thick ribbons and is opaque and opaque. At the end there is an elastic cord and is not clearly visible. The threads you can easily hide under your hair. This face tightening tape is for one use only. However, you can use it all day long. You are guaranteed to be able to use it yourself without the need for help. The package that you buy already includes instructions for use, so you don’t have to worry about how to use it.

How To Use Face Tapes?

How to use face tape at first is a bit difficult, but if we look at the instructions carefully, it’s very easy and simple. To get rid of worry, you seem to need to practice at home so you can use it in public places properly and quickly.

Here are some ways to use face tape easily and effectively.

1. With Elastic Strings

If you are using a face tape face lift with an elastic band, then stick the end of the tape on the skin beside the ear, and do this on both sides of your face. Now, if you have finished this, then pull back the elastic thread, and tie it tightly at the back of the head, so that you look smoother and more beautiful. Then, trim your hair so that it covers the strings of the face tape.

If you have hidden both ends of the tape strings behind your head, then lift the elastic above your head and hook it to the back of your head so that you look young and your facial skin is tight.

Face Tape for Instant Face Tightening

2. Without Elastic Strings

Now we see how to use face tape without using elastic straps. The trick is to attach one end of the face tape to the facial skin close to your ear. Pull the skin of your cheeks with your hands so that your face is tight, sticking the tip of the tape further up your face. then, put your hair back in place so that the end of the tape is hidden. This will give an attractive appearance to your facial skin and make you look younger without surgery.

Disadvantages of Face Tapes

Although face tape is safe and makes it easier for you to tighten facial skin, the use of face tape has several drawbacks, as well as the use of other cosmetic ingredients which also provide many drawbacks.

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The use of face tapes is only a temporary solution for mature skin to make the face more attractive. When you remove the face tape, your skin will return to its original shape.

The use of masking tape on the face can be different and this can be difficult. Another face shape, it will be another way. It is almost certain that no one can use it perfectly.

Sometimes hiding the end of the tape can be a challenge because for some faces it’s a bit difficult to use.

The cost of facelift tape can continue to increase along with the times and its use is only for one time. If you want to look young every day, then you have to spend money every day.


Facelift tape is an instant solution to change your face to be tight and youthful. However this is only for one use, and after that your face will return to its original position. The way to tighten the face with face tape is of course free from side effects, but it is only temporary.

For those of you who want to look permanently youthful, you can try anti-aging creams or anti-wrinkle creams, but you can try surgical methods.

How Much is the Price of Facelift Tape

Face tape can be found at beauty stores, it costs around $ 30. Even some beauty shops also sell facelift tapes that are good for use on the face, neck, and even on the eyes at once.

How To Buy a Face Tape?

Choosing the right facelift tape is an important thing, so here we need tips and tricks. Even if the price is cheap, you must choose one that suits your skin and your face shape. Here are some face tape criteria that you should know and understand when buying tape.

  1. Products are environmentally friendly and which are used
  2. Stronger holding facial skin so that it gives good results
  3. Does not cause allergic reactions
  4. Medical grade label
  5. Transparent and breathable so your skin doesn’t get rash
  6. Waterproof
  7. Has a good thickness level (Recommended 0.01mm – 0.02mm)
  8. Look at user reviews, pick a good response from buyers (Especially when you have a sensitive skin)
  9. If your skin experiences irritation and redness, stop using it immediately.