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How to Get Rid of Jowls, Causes and Treatment

One of the beauty problems that are of concern to many women is the jowl. Humans have jowls as they age. Jowls are excess or saggy skin in the neck or bottom of the jaw and chin. Everyone experiences this development as they age. As a result, the skin is less elastic and the beauty fades.

There are several factors that cause jowls such as genetic factors, repeated facial habits, stress, and lifestyle. That is why, as we get older, everyone will experience this. Although it cannot be prevented, you can reduce jowls and slow down the process.

In this article, we will look at ways to treat jowls and their causes. You can stay away from the cause of jowls and do treatments to eliminate or reduce the effects of this beauty problem.

The Causes of Jowls

There are many factors that cause jowls but are the most important factor for age. Age is very influential on the emergence of the jowl. The skin, the older it will lose some substances that help it look elastic, between those that disappear or decrease are collagen, fat and connective tissue proteins.

In addition, the growing age also causes the skin to become dry and thinner. When our skin loses these nutrients, it will be more vulnerable to Earth’s gravity and eventually, the skin will sag under the chin or jawbone. The skin that falls under the chin and the bottom of the jaw finally forms jowls.

Among the risk factors for Jowls are:

  • Often exposed to sunlight
  • Frequent use of alcohol
  • Smoke,
  • Chronic dehydration occurs
  • Chronic stress
  • Diet lacks antioxidants, healthy fat, and other important nutrients
  • Expressions that often involve the cheek muscles, mouth, jaw, frown, chew candy, speak on the phone for a long duration.
  • Does not keep skin clean,
  • Lack of exercise,
  • Too aggressive to clean the skin,
  • Family history
  • Extreme weight loss,
  • Severe or chronic disease
  • Exercises for Getting Rid Jowls

One way to get rid of jowls is to do a certain exercise. Among them are facial exercises, and other exercises in general. This exercise can reduce the appearance of your jowls. Exercise will usually help make or shape the face of facial muscles so that he is better able to hold his shape in position.

The effects of facial training on the decline in the form of jowls are still weak. However, in general the effects of facial exercises provide positive results for the face.

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In general, exercise has a good effect on the health of the skin throughout the body including the jaw skin. Physical exercise, including useful to reduce premature aging, the appearance of the jaw, and reduce the severity of sagging skin.

Sports to get rid of jowls are recommended to be done regularly and thoroughly. If it’s not regular, the facial muscles will be difficult to form naturally. So, it is recommended to make certain movements for the face every day. In that exercise, one must hold in every training session for 5 to 20 seconds. Each exercise must be repeated 8 times or 12 times, do this exercise several times a day.

Here are some recommended facial exercises to get rid of your jowls.

  • Yawning, and opening your mouth as big as possible and closing it very slowly and don’t let your teeth touch each other.
  • Take out the lips to wrinkle each other, This exercise is very good to do lying down, use your fingers to pull the mouth down
  • Chew with the head slightly tilted upwards
  • Grin as comfortably as possible and tilt your head up and down
  • Another exercise to get rid of jowls
  • is to place the lower lip above the upper lip, then tilt your head.
  • Lie flat, and bend the neck towards the chest and with the tongue pressing against the roof of the mouth.
  • Humming and pressing the tongue against the roof of the sky
  • Another way you can do this is to say the sound “O” and follow it with an “E” sound, use more power than usual and move your mouth excessively.

Treatment for Jowls

This is not a dangerous problem and there is no need to visit a health center. Jowls are natural things that happen to anyone who is old, this is a matter of beauty, not health. If you want to always look beautiful, maybe you need to pay attention to your jowls.

Medical care for jowls is natural and this is considered as elective therapy. Meaning, most health insurance companies do not bear it. Dermatologists will usually perform care tasks for patients in their clinics or in hospitals but this is purely at their own expense.

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Popular treatments for jowls are:

1. Fillers

Fillers are compounds that are injected into the skin of the lower jaw to form muscles. This compound will fill the empty space due to loss of fat and facial muscles.

These injected fillers will provide a more complete and good appearance. A 2004 study said that around 95.6% of patients taking care of these jowls were comfortable and happy with the results. Among the compounds used for injection into the lower jaw include:

  • poly-l-lactic acid
  • hyaluronic acid
  • calcium hydroxylapatite
  • polymethyl methacrylate, and

The duration of this filling process takes place according to the severity of the jaws, face shape, number of injections given, and dosage. The process of facial cleansing is better done when the age between 30 years to 50 years.

Famous compound injection faces, including:

  • Voluma
  • Juvederm, and
  • Restylane

2. Neck lift

During the process of removing loose skin under the neck, the surgeon will make several incisions along the sides of the face and chin. Next, they will rearrange the jaw, fat and cheek tissue. In addition, they will also cut excessive skin to tighten the surrounding muscles.

Most of the neck will be lifted to give the optimal effect on the jaw. However, this operation certainly takes a long time and has a big risk if it doesn’t work well. Among the problems that might arise later are scar tissue and infection.

In addition to having a risk, treatment to get rid of jowls in this way also costs quite a lot compared to other treatment models.

3. Ultherapy

The third way to get rid of jowls is with Ultherapy. The process involves ultrasound therapy which is useful for stimulating collagen production in the long run. Treatment with Ultherapy only takes one session, then patients can continue their daily activities. So, this treatment is not surgery as is done in the treatment with the Neck Lift method.

4. Radiotherapy

Treatment with radiotherapy is a treatment that involves heat radiation. This radiation is useful for stimulating collagen and elastin fibers that are under the surface of the skin. As a result, the skin tightens and the loss of wrinkles.

Radiotherapy is almost the same as the Ultherapy method, both stimulate collagen. However, here it is done by tricking the body into thinking that the connective tissue has been damaged, this will give rise to collagen. Treatment or how to get rid of jowls with this method requires the patient to repeat the process once a year to get the maximum results. The most common name for this treatment using radiotherapy is Pelleve.