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Best Tricks To Make Your Deep Set Eyes Look Stunning

Deep set eyes – If your eyes are slightly inward compared to the eyes of other people in general, they are called ‘deep set eyes’. Usually, A pair of deep set eyes will look dull, blackish, seem like tired, sunken eyes. So, one has to go on a basic trip every time he makes up his face.

How to make a pair of deep set eyes even more stunning and beautiful, check out our trick below.

1. Don’t Skip Primary

Makeup is important in changing your appearance to be more attractive, and to make your eyes pop. While the primer is something you need to keep your makeup so it can last for some time. To prevent your inner eye from looking sunken or looking tired, you need a little bit of shadow primer. So, you need to apply the primer around your eyes, and what’s more important is that your makeup should stay in position and not go anywhere.

2. Hide dark circles of eyes

The dark circles under the eyes are enough to make our eyes look like pandas. Moreover, if this happened to someone with deep set eyes, it would be even worse. So, those dark circles must be faded in order to minimize the bad effects of deep set eyes. Use the right concealer to hide these dark circles, and then coat or cover with a good amount of powder. This will blur the panda’s eyes and accentuate your eyes.

3. Go Light With Shadow

Deep set eyes do look a little conspicuous because they are in a rather deep location in the headbone. So, it needs to be decorated with a few touches so that it stands out more. Use gentle shadows on your makeup like using peaches, gold and pink, these colors will accentuate the eyeballs that seem a bit inward. Also use this color shadow on the lids so that it can remove any deep set eyes.

4. Highlight the inner corner

To disguise deep set eyes, you have to pay attention to the inner corners. So, focus on the inner corner of the eye, you have to swipe your makeup brush on each inner corner of the eye. So that by giving a touch of color on the inside, your eyes will appear more prominent and can minimize deep ayes.

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5. Darken the outer part of the eye (outer corner)

After making the inner part of your eye even more colored like a pink, or peach color. Now, your task is to make the outer corner of the eye a darker color. You can use black, gray, or dark blue. Making the color dark on the outside will draw people’s attention to the outer corner of the eye so that the deep set eyes will be less noticeable.

6. Use the Eyeliner slowly

For perfect results, you also have to apply eyeliner, but pay attention to its use, you only use it on the outside of the deep set eyes. While the inside is clean and free of eyeliner. Make the lines as thin as possible as this will make your eyes appear wider and brighter.

7. Be Tricky With Mascara

Then, you can apply mascara to the eyes, but this is a very tricky thing for those of you who have deep eyes. You must master the application of this mascara at any cost. Concentrate on the outside of the eye and avoid on the inside. Always use two coats of product to ensure that your eyes stick out well.

Before using mascara, don’t forget to curl your lashes first so that your mascara looks just right and stunning.

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8. Don’t forget to trim your eyebrows

Eyebrow grooming is an important thing in eye makeup, without you grooming your eyebrows well then this will be in vain. No eye makeup works without paying attention to the neatness of your brows. This also applies when you change the inner eye to be more prominent.

Be careful when tidying your eyebrows and shaping them, don’t let the hairs fall out because it can cause your makeup to fall off.

Apart from 8 trips to get rid of deep set eyes, you also need another very useful trick, here it is.

Here we go:

  1. Deep set eyes can be stunning if you use regular shading. Then use makeup with light and dark colors of the same hue. Apply to the inner and outer eels. Light color on the inner corner and dark color on the outer corner.
  2. Do not use dark eye shadow directly on the creases of your eyes. Wipe the brush on the browbones or use something softer and more beautiful
  3. If you want to try smokey eyes, don’t go for dark colors like dark and grays.

This is the trick of removing or disguising deep set eyes, good luck, hopefully the appearance of your eyes becomes more stunning and attractive.