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Eating Cheese Helpful to Lower Blood Pressure

Eating cheese helpful to lower blood pressure. Cheese is a dairy product that is said sodium has benefits for your health, especially the health of the blood. So, eating cheese is good for protecting the effect of sodium on the cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure.

Cheese Helpful to Lower Blood Pressure

According to the study, the effects and benefits of this defense is the result of a milk protein-containing antioxidants. Research reveals that sodium in the form of milk has no negative effects on the heart. This is different from the sodium consumed comes from sources other than milk.

Anna Stanhewicz, post-doctoral fellow at the Pennsylvania State University said in a research that involving several participants that participants who consume sodium from dairy products had blood vessel growth better than the participants who consumed the sodium from non dairy source.

So, if you want to consume sodium, then choose dairy products so there is no effect on cardiovascular health.

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