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13 Best Health Benefits Of Hops (Kanphuta)

Health Benefits Of Hops – If you happy with beer, you should know about hops. This is a plant that is used as a flavor in beer. First discovered in the 11th century and used as a beer. However, now the use of hops is not only specialized in beer but also for healing herbs. Now, Hops plants cultivated over the world, and have many varieties. The aroma is strong and sour, maybe this is the reason why this plant became a sauce in beer.

To get the health benefits of hops, you do not need to consume this intoxicating drink. You can get its uses in other ways.

Best Health Benefits Of Hops (Kanphuta)

1. Keep the skin youthful

Hops are a source of high antioxidants, so it is able to get rid of free radicals and beautify the skin, glowing and looking youthful. Just like eating other foods that high with antioxidant content.

2. Treating skin inflammation

Furthermore, the health benefits of hops is to maintain healthy skin by treating inflammation. Thanks to this content, it is widely used in various cosmetic ingredients, especially for skin care.

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3. Treats Leprosy

Hops are also useful as a natural remedy for treating leprosy. Anti-inflammatory properties act directly in treating leprosy and other diseases triggered by inflammation. Although he is the basic ingredient of brewing, but the benefits for health is very valuable.

4. Reduce hair loss and dandruff

The health benefits of hops are related to hair beauty. Hops can be used to dazzle hair and prevent dandruff. Mean, if you want you can use beer on your hair to sparkle and dispel dandruff.

However, you should use the hops extract itself on the hair. First, rinse hair with shampoo, then apply the hops extract on the hair evenly. Hops essential oil will seep into the scalp, remove dead skin and help strengthen the hair roots and eradicate dandruff.

5. Eases Nervousness

Another benefit is soothing, so it can also be used to treat insomnia. He is able to calm muscles, and become a therapy for those who are troubled by anxiety.

6. Relaxes And Soothes The Muscles

Furthermore, Hops or Kanphuta also help relax the muscles and whole body of the pain. It has also been used as an ingredient to turn off the flavor so as to help patients with aches and pains.

7. Treating peptic ulcers

Also, Health benefits of hops is to treat various types of ulcers or ulcers ulcers. Herbal ingredients from hops plants mixed with other ingredients proven to treat and kill the bacteria that cause ulcers and ulcers.

8. Improves Digestive System

Body metabolism is very important to maintain, because this is the main health promoter. If the body’s metabolism is disrupted then all other health bodies will be disrupted as the body can not perform the function properly. One form of body metabolism is a healthy digestion, if the digestion is not healthy then various other problems will be disrupted. So, if you have problems with digestion, one solution is to use natural or herbal remedies from hops plants.

9. Treating toothache

Various oral diseases including teeth can be cured with herbal concoctions. The hops health benefits is thanks to the anti-inflammatory in this plant.

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10. Analgesic

As an analgesic, hops contain sedative properties that help relieve pain. So. With hops you do not have to worry about pain disorders. Use hops essential oil and your problem is soon finished.

11. Its Good for Relieves Anxiety

In this modern day, anxiety is the biggest problem that occurs for many, including you. So always provide essential hops oil, you can use it just as a sedative. This natural remedy will calm anxiety, change mood, and soothe your body and mind.

12. Treats Insomnia

Just like the health benefits of tequila, hops are also able to provide relief to insomnia problems. This calming nature of the oil is able to help you sleep better. Sprinkle a few drops of hops essential oil on the bed and feel the change. Quality sleep will make your days meaningful.

13. Good for Menstrual Cramps

Then, the benefits of hops is to calm the problem of menstruation cramps. Women who often complain of pain due to menstrual cramps, they can try hops essential oil. This oil works by loosening the muscles, reducing the pain, and relieving your discomfort during menstruation.