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Homemade Hummingbird Food Recipe

Hummingbird Food Recipe – If you are a bird lover, of course you like hummingbirds. The little bird that hovers in front of the house looking for his favorite food. In this post I share how to make hummingbird food recipe, to attract them to come and enjoy the dish that you provide.

For those of you who like this, keep watching this article, we will discuss how to make their food. It’s a pleasure to be able to attract them to our house, this is a beauty and very extraordinary.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Hummingbird Food?

Not only I who love this hummingbirds, but other children and families also enjoy their arrival in front of the house or in front of the window. That is why we have to make our own hummingbird food from home. Besides being cheap, this is also very simple and can attract them to come to our homes.

We only need two important ingredients in hummingbird food recipe. Let’s get a lighter!

One thing we must know is that hummingbirds like red fruits or flowers, in their opinion they are sweet. So, use red or red food, don’t use coloring in their f ood because this can be dangerous for the health of hummingbirds. Ok, let’s just see how to make hummingbirds food below.

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Hummingbird Food Ingredients

We have already said, making hummingbird food, we only need two important foods. This must be in your home, with the following ingredients:

  • Hot water
  • Granulated sugar

That is it!

How to Make Hummingbird Food

To make hummingbird food, heat the water and add sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves in water. then, let stand until the dough actually cools, and then pour into the hummingbird feeder.

Now you are ready to wait for the arrival of this beautiful bird. They will feel there is sweet water that can be drunk and enjoyed. If only they were around your house, they would definitely come to this hummingbird feeder place. Once they find this opportunity, then they will come every day or every time to your house just to drink the sweet water that you have prepared.

Can I use tap water for hummingbird food recipe?

Of course you can use tap water, but you should boil it first so that the germs die and are healthier for birds. In addition, the purpose of boiling is to make it easier for you to dissolve sugar in water.

What kind of sugar should I use?

Maybe you can use granulated white sugar or regular table sugar. Do not use raw sugar that is not processed or honey, corn syrup and others because it can endanger the health of hummingbirds. So, just use ordinary sugar and don’t forget to boil the water.

Should I boil the water?

Actually you shouldn’t boil water. In fact, hummingbirds themselves, always drink raw water without boiling when they play in the open. But it would be nice if you boil so that dirt is not in the water, and make it easier for you to dissolve sugar in water.

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How long can I store extra sugar water in the fridge?

You can make a few glasses of sugar water to put in a hummingbird feeder, the rest you can store in the refrigerator. This sugar can last up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

So, you don’t need to boil every time you want to add sugar water to the feeder.

How many times a day do I have to replace hummingbirds food?

You should clean the feeder every day, but if you miss a few days, you are advised to replace the food and clean the feeder. The time to clean and replace hummingbirds food is once a week if it is warm season, if it is winter you have to replace food twice a week. This purpose is to prevent mold growth.

When should I put out my hummingbird feeder?

We have to know that hummingbirds migrate according to the mission, so the release of these baits helps where you live. For those of you who live in South America, you can eject hummingbirds feeders from February to November.

While for those of you who live in central America, the best time to issue hummingbird bait is from April to October. While countries throughout North America, place feeders and hummingbirds in Mai from September to September.

Where should I place the hummingbird feeder?

After you make the Hummingbird Food Recipe, place the hummingbird feeders in low-activity areas and away from children’s playgrounds. Hummingbirds including shy birds. Put it close to the tree, this is the best place because they also like to perch on tree branches to watch over predators.

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Why not add red coloring into hummingbirds’ food?

The first reason is that coloring is not necessary because a lot of bird food is red. In addition, coloring is a substance that is harmful to the health of hummingbirds. So, don’t use it!

What flowers attract the attention of hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds are birds that like red flowers and nectar-rich flowers. Among the colored flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds are bleeding hearts, bee balms, and honeysuckle trumpets.