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6 Powerful Celery Substitutes

Celery substitutes are important to know so that when you run out of celery in the kitchen, you can immediately replace them with celery substitutes. So, know the following replacements.

As a cook in the family, a housewife must know this. Celery is a flavoring vegetable found in many dishes. Its freshness and distinctive taste make celery widely used in many world dishes.

Celery is almost always in a variety of dishes, there are ingredients that become a series of celery, carrots and onions. All three are as “holy trinity” vegetables which form the basis of French cuisine.

The way to consume celery is also varied, some are acidifying, sautéing it, eating it raw, grilling it and smoothing it. Celery includes vegetables that are rich in fiber in your cooking.

Not only gives the aroma to the dishes but also gives texture to your dishes.

List of Celery Substitutes

If you have bok choy, then this is the best substitute you should include in your dish.

Besides bok choy, you can also try vegetables like fennel, celery root, jicama, parsnips, fennel, and green apple. Very good to use in stews, soups and salads.

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1. Celery Root

Celery RootHaving a good texture is a sign of a delicious and delicious food. So, if you feel bad about seldri’s texture, you can replace it with celery root.

You can get root celery at many grocery stores. Celery root has the same taste as celery but the texture is more similar to radishes.

You will feel the pleasure of this celery substitute when sauteed with butter. You can mash celery root for a unique dish, you can also use it in broth and soup.

2. Bok Choy

Bok ChoyIf you sauteed food, then instead of celery, bok choy is your best choice. Cut the white onions, and flash cook to keep an amazing crunch.

3. Fennel

Substitute celery next is the fennel. As a substitute for celery, you can use the fennel sprigs, the aroma is uproar, and this is suitable for serving in fish dishes, and vegetables in the spring.

Also add a little lemon juice to provide uniqueness and freshness in food.

4. Parsnip

Parsnip looks like white carrots, while it tastes like parsley, it is a perfect substitute for celery in stuffing, soups, even in salads. It feels right and sharp and unique.

5. Green apple

Apples, who would have thought it turns out that green apples could also be made as a substitute for celery. This will give a bright and sour taste.

Green apples can be enjoyed raw, or in juice together with celery, also giving it a sweet taste.

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6. Jicama

Celery SubstitutesOther celery substitutes are jicama whose crispy texture is like a green apple. It was very tempting, it was not sweet, fresh and runny so it was suitable as a substitute for celery.

Jicama is also suitable for direct eating. If you cook slaw, this is great as a substitute for celery. Likewise with spring rolls, or crudite.

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Jicama can replace celery in many dishes as well as cucumbers which are widely used in various substitutes.

Those are some substitutes for celery that you can use when you can’t consume celery for a variety of reasons, including when you run out of celery stock in the kitchen.