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Brussels Sprout Salad Recipe

One of the best salads for thanksgiving is the Brussels sprouts salad. With just 7 ingredients you can serve the best Brussels sprouts salad. Here’s how to make a Brussels sprouts salad, hopefully adding to your holiday or thanksgiving ideas at home.

The Brussels salad is a special treat to start a cold winter day. If you wake up one day with the snow attacking you, maybe this Brussels sprout salad is a great dish and can keep you away from other foods and cakes. If you want something warm, try drinking some cocoa chocolate, but don’t forget to afterward with this simple dish of this vegetable, the Brussels sprouts salad.

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Why do I like the brussels sprout salad

One of the Brussels sprouts is one that many people like, and I am one of them. I have many reasons to love this salad in winter, including:

1. Easy to put together

Use grated Brussels sprouts, add the rooted sprouts, then mix with olive oil, pine nuts, grated cheese, lemon, dried cranberries, spring onions, pepper and salt. The combination of all these ingredients is very easy to combine and has a rich taste.

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2. Can be prepared hours before you eat

The Brussels sprouts sprouts salad is such a durable treat that you don’t have to worry if you don’t eat it right away. These salads last a long time and you can prepare them hours before thanksgiving. This salad recipe is perfect for making on weekends, with only a few recipes but can provide a good taste and experience.

3. Few ingredients but delicious.

As we mentioned earlier, this Brussels salad, which is only made with 7 ingredients, turns out to be a delicious taste. Bright lemons, chewy cranberries, tamarind, and salty cheese are an excellent combination and provide a distinct taste. This salad can add a lot of flavor, with just a few hana.

If you love this brussels sprout salad, try serving it to the family in winter, or to light up your thanksgiving atmosphere. Here’s the recipe, please try!