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8 Best Vegetables Planted in Summer

8 Best Vegetables Planted in Summer. Vegetables are good to eat very much. There are about 50 kinds of vegetables that are good to eat. There are winter vegetables and summer vegetables.

Planting summer vegetables must meet certain criteria. Among them is the ground and the temperature should be warm and the plants should be able to survive in the hot weather.

For those of you who like to plant summer vegetables, the kitchen garden can be utilized. Previously, know what kind of vegetables planted in the summer? One of the nice plants planted in summer is watermelon and pumpkin.

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Garden experts say that watermelon and pumpkin plants need sunlight continuously for 8-10 hours. While Ph soil should be 6.5. Usually planted watermelon seeds are planted directly in the ground.

After germinating plants were transferred into pots, and can be placed in the kitchen. After 8 weeks the plant is ready to be put back in the garden. Best vegetables planted in summer are squash, okra, watermelon, and beans.

OK, to be clear, here we look at some great vegetables to plant in the summer.

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8 Best Vegetables Planted in Summer

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the best plants to cultivate in the summer. This is due to the tomato need warm soil, but soil moisture levels should be sufficient. Then watering the tomatoes have to be careful because of lack of moisture can make tomatoes rot.

2. Eggplant

This is the best vegetables can be grown in summer. With sufficient watering and sunlight, the eggplant can produce a lot of fruit that good to eat in the summer.

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3. Pepper

Pepper farmers always plant the pepper in the summer, because pepper is a plant that is alive and thriving in the summer. There is a kind of very spicy pepper and grown under adequate sunlight.

4. Cucumber

The best vegetables planted in summer is cucumber. Despite it cold but these plants need warmth enough to be harvested. Cucumbers also need a nice splash of the water so it’s not bitter.

5. Pumpkin

Next is the pumpkin. The plant is also very well planted in the summer. Pumpkin planting can be done on the ground without a pot. It is a vine with fruit that much. If you want to get a large fruit such as pumpkin Alaska, then you need good care.

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6. Beans

Beans are a vegetable that grows well in summer. Planting beans should be in the summer. Among the great beans planted in summer is yellow beans, green beans.

7. Watermelon

Furthermore, the best vegetables planted in summer are watermelon. However, watering should also be considered in order for watermelon to produce great fruit. Tastes very fresh watermelon especially enjoyed in the winter.

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8. Corn

Corn is a vegetable that pollinate through the intermediary of the wind. In order for corn pollination perfect then you should be planted in a row and the distance between each other i foot. Corn is a vegetable that can grow well in the summer.

These are some best vegetables planted in summer. Hope you can enjoy this summer with a variety of healthy vegetables outcome of your garden.