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Best Bread For Weight Loss, Important To Know

Best Bread For Weight Loss – During this time we just heard that eating bread can raise the weight. But there are several types of bread that you can still eat even in weight loss programs. What makes a person fat is a bad carbohydrate, there seems to be a good carbohydrate that can lose weight.

Keep in mind, carbohydrates from white flour are enemies for your health. Carbohydrates of this type will cause accumulation of fat in the stomach, diabetes, heart disease, and even increase your weight. So, avoid consuming foods that contain carbohydrates made from fine white flour.

We will discuss some bread that good to lose weight. If you already consume this bread, avoid consuming other types of bread that can make you gain weight. This bread is a kind of nutritious bread that is good for health and can help you lose weight.

One of the things you should look at is choosing a certain bread specialty in the market. Read the nutrition labels to let you know the state of the bread. Well, if you find bread containing sucrose, sugar, fructose, or corn syrup, this means not good for health.

Wheat bread is a type of healthy bread that can lose weight. But you have to find bread made from 100% wheat. Avoid picking up whole wheat bread mixed with other ingredients. Look for healthy wheat bread with 100% wheat, higher fiber, free of hydrogenated oil and low in sugar or sugar free.

Almost no bread made from organic until 100%, then you should take wheat bread that does not contain other ingredients. We put food into the body, so do not put in any kind of chemicals because it’s just like you put the disease. Try, look with health glasses, you should not be affected by taste and pleasure, because most of this is the cause of disease in the future.

Fermented bread is better for you compared to those containing artificial sugar or food seasonings. Fermentation will produce good bacteria useful to balance the body’s metabolism.

Best Bread For Weight Loss

#Sourdough Bread

Have you ever eaten Sourdough bread? You may be surprised to hear that this bread can lose weight. Sourdough bread contains higher nutrients compared to other breads. In addition, Sourdough bread also lasts longer.

Best Bread For Weight Loss

The process of making Sourdough is by fermentation so as to reduce phytic acid level by 24-50%. Did you know that the content of phytic acid in various breads is very bad for health, it prevents the absorption of minerals so those who consume regular bread cause malnutrition.

The benefits of Sourdough bread are also great for intestinal health. If you have intestinal irritation or are intolerant of gluten you can choose Sourdough bread to treat your problem. Not only that, consuming Sourdough bread can also regulate blood sugar, so those who experience in diabetes need not be afraid of Sourdough bread.

This is different from other bread in general. Regular bread raises blood sugar so the body releases cortisol and insulin on this renost. The more you consume this bread the the more increase your weight and blood sugar.

#Rye Bread

Rye Bread is another brand of healthy bread that can lose weight. What does this bread contain? Rye Bread contains complex carbohydrates and high-fiber that can lower calories. It contains four times higher dietary fiber and 20% lower calorie content than regular white bread.

Best Bread For Weight Loss

The high calorie in the body becomes the cause of weight gain. So, if you are able to reduce and reduce calories in the body, then the weight will also be reduced.

Rye Bread contains natural sugars that need more time to digest by the body, so its can prevent bubbles or gas in the stomach. Rye bread is the solution for those of you who want to lose weight in a healthy way.


Actually, all bread is not good for those of you who want to lose weight fast. However, instead of eating regular bread, there is another type of bread that is healthier. So, the bread you get in the market, it’s very bad for your body. Although it tastes good but dangerous.

If you want to eat bread, choose fermented bread, and organic. Many of them report that they are better at eliminating bread in their diet. So, try to avoid grains including wheat in your diet for a few weeks, and see if you become healthier?

However, if you can not release the bread in your life, consider simply consuming the type of bread above. They are healthier than regular bread.