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18 Popular Health Benefits of Asparagus

Health Benefits of Asparagus – The asparagus is a vegetable crop that is still included in the Lily family (Liliaceae), which includes garlic and onion. The name of this plant (Asparagus) is derived from the Greek language that has a meaning ‘Shoots’.

The asparagus plant has long been known, about 2000 years ago, i.e., in the eastern Mediterranean, asparagus plant has many benefits for health. These vegetables contain vitamin K and much folate. Asparagus known have much variety, which is more than 300.

However, that could be eaten only about 20 varieties. Asparagus is a plant with no leaves, and the plant can grow up to 25 cm in a day.

Health Benefits of Asparagus for AllThese shoots are eaten as the vegetable and save many nutrients. Below are many health benefits of Asparagus

10 Health Benefits of Asparagus

Consuming asparagus known good as a healthy food that provide/supply many nutrients for a body.

1. Heart Health

Health Benefits of Asparagus is to maintain heart health. Folate content that many in asparagus become an active ingredient in preventing cardiovascular disease.

To strengthen a weak heart can be treated with asparagus juice that mixed with honey. Drink Asparagus juice for three times a day.

2. Natural Diuretics

Health Benefits of Asparagus as a natural diuretic. Asparagus contains potassium in large quantities, but low in sodium. These minerals when combined with asparagine, active amino acids, can be useful as a natural diuretic.

Diuretics are very helpful to reduce swelling throughout the premenstrual and bloating. Diuretics also help reduce irritability, fatigue, and distress.

3. Digestive Health

These vegetables are wealthy in minerals and carbohydrate called inulin, these substances can not be digested. However, in the large intestine, inulin become food for good bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

4. Preventing birth defects

Folate is an essential nutrient in these vegetables. One of the significant benefits of folate is to prevent birth defects. Because without folate intake is sufficient, the nerve cells of the baby will not develop properly.

Therefore, health benefits of asparagus are helping reduce the possibility of birth defects, such as spina bifida and reduce the chances of babies born with low weight.

5. Reduce blood acidity

Blood acidity can be reduced by consuming asparagus juice. Besides, asparagus juice is also capable of dissolving kidney stones.

6. Anti-inflammatory

An anti-inflammatory is another health benefits of Asparagus. Asparagus contains phytochemicals that produce an anti-inflammatory that helps relieve arthritis and rheumatism.

7. Rich in fiber

These Green vegetables are rich in fiber, so it becomes laxative constipation. Regularly consume these plants can make stool frequency increased

8. Rich in antioxidants

Health benefits of Asparagus found because this plant has many antioxidants. Asparagus contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer and cataracts.

9. Controlling blood sugar

It is an excellent vegetable for controlling blood sugar. If you suffer from diabetes, highly recommended to consume this plant.

10. Increasing milk production

Asparagus is good for nursing mothers because Asparagus can produce more breast milk for your baby.

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Asparagus is also known as diet vegetable because the nutrients within are very much. Usually, this vegetables is cooked in soup form, enjoyable at times of day or night.

Asparagus vegetables not only as a vegetable for a diet but also have properties and benefits for pregnant women. Health benefits of Asparagus during pregnancy and fetuses are large, especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Health Benefits of Asparagus During Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Asparagus During Pregnancy11. Folic acid

Asparagus is very beneficial for pregnant women, because of the high content of folic acid. Folic acid is an important substance that needed by pregnant women in maintaining the development of the fetus and the baby, and that was in the breastfed. The benefits of folic acid for pregnant women are:

  • Important for neurological development of the fetus.
  • Maintain the health of pregnant women pregnant women, especially those who have hypertension.
  • Improve blood circulation in the body of pregnant women
  • Helps the formation of new cells in the process of formation of the DNA in the fetus
  • Pressing the occurrence of heart attack
  • Prevent cancer

12. Glutathione

Health benefits of asparagus during pregnancy because the content of glutathione. Glutathione is an essential nutrient for pregnant women.

This substance has a function as an antioxidant, which will counteract the free radicals that enter the body. Free radicals, themselves can attack DNA in the fetus, and can also cause the mother and fetus vulnerable to disease primarily associated with the body’s immunity.

13. Inulin

Asparagus is also very useful because it contains inulin. Inulin is another substance that found in asparagus vegetable. The content of inulin is one type of substance that is very important for health. The benefits of inulin include:

  • Good for the health of the digestive tract
  • Contains good bacteria that are beneficial to the body health.
  • Improve maternal health function

14. Asparagus contains calcium

Calcium is essential substances for health, and these substances are present in asparagus. Benefits of Calcium is especially important for pregnant women and for developing the fetus. Here are the benefits of calcium for pregnant women:

  • Strengthen the bone structure
  • Helps bone formation in fetuses
  • Assist the development of the fetus in the body.
  • Prevent the occurrence of abnormalities in fetal bone

15. Vitamin C

Health benefits of asparagus during pregnancy because it contains vitamin C. Asparagus contains multivitamins that are beneficial for the body. One of the benefits of asparagus for pregnant is vitamin C that is high enough.

Vitamin C in the asparagus vegetable has many benefits. Here are health benefits of vitamin C for pregnant women:

  • as an antioxidant
  • Maintaining the health and endurance
  • Preventing the entry of viruses that cause infection and disease

16. Vitamin E

The much content of vitamin E in the asparagus also very important to note, because it is useful for the health of the pregnant mother and her fetus. Here are the benefits of vitamin E:

  • Protects the body from toxins and pollutants
  • Preventing health problems associated with nerve
  • Preventing diseases in pregnant women
  • Maintaining the health and resilience of the body

17. Vitamin B6

Health benefits of asparagus during pregnancy was well known because it contains a lot of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is also one type of vitamin that is essential for health. Vitamin B6 is very useful for pregnant women, among them:

  • Providing complete nutrition for health
  • Improve nutrition into the body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Preventing the occurrence of nausea
  • Regulate blood pressure

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18. Vitamin K

Furthermore, the asparagus also contains a lot of vitamin K. Vitamin K is one of the vitamins in asparagus. Vitamins are essential for human health, especially for the health of pregnant women. Here are the benefits of vitamin K for pregnant women.

  • Vitamin K is beneficial to maintain cardiovascular health
  • Keeping the function of blood vessels
  • Role in preventing coronary heart disease

Thus some of the health benefits of asparagus during pregnancy base to it’s content, generally this vegetable also useful to all man.

Difficult to get these vegetables in the market, making it be an expensive vegetables and commonly available in a modern market. Hopefully, we want to grow these vegetables, so that the asparagus to health benefits can get easily.