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8 Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd, Lagenaria Siceraria

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd – Bottle gourd is a type of vines that grow in the tropical and sub-tropical area. Bottle gourd plants come to the family Cucurbitaceae. Bottle gourd has many names such as Calabash Gourd, Squash, and Trumpet Long Gourd.

Young Bottle Gourd classified in vegetables and often cooked in meat or vegetable dishes. The flesh is white and chewy, while the fruit shape is elliptical and almost resembles a pear fruit. Bottle gourd plant can propagate on the grass or vines over other plants.

History of the Bottle Gourd Plant

Bottle gourd has well known for a long time which is about 8000-10000 years ago as musical instruments and containers. The plant first appears in Africa and then spread to Asia and America. Now, the gourd can be found in almost all regions with tropical and subtropical climates.

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The Nutritional Value of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd has many health benefits. These benefits are obtained as gourd bottle provides many nutrients and vitamins. Among them are zinc, calories and others.

In 116 grams of Gourd contains 16% of calories, 13% vitamin C, zinc as much as 7.36%. In addition, the bottle gourd also provide many minerals such as potassium and others.

While in 116 grams provides 174 mg potassium, 13 mg of magnesium, 2 mg sodium, as well as providing 15 mg of phosphorus.

The Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd

1. Improve muscle

One of the health benefits of bottle gourd is a muscle repair. Many zinc content is essential for cell division and growth. It makes bottle gourd essential for muscle repair and improve stamina in the skeletal system.

In addition, the bottle gourd also has benefits to increase testosterone, and insulin growth was good.

 health benefits of bottle gourd

2. Treating diabetes

Diabetes is a health problem related to sugar level in the blood. zinc content serves to balance the beneficial hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar so it can cure diabetes.

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3. Helps the absorption of nutrients

Zinc is very active role in the use of amino acids. This activity is related to the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. Thus, Zinc deficiency is dangerous because it can lead to low energy and chronic fatigue. So, Zinc is a mineral that is essential to always be met in order to create a good body metabolism.

4. Maintain skin health

Skin health is associated with vitamin C. One of the health benefits of bottle gourd is sufficient for the skin thank to vitamin C. A high intake of vitamin C can reduce wrinkles and dry skin.

Besides that, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that can inhibit the oxidation so as to prevent premature aging.

5. Reduce the risk of stroke

The content of vitamin C in bottle gourd fruit can not underestimate. The results of the study concludes that a high consumption of vitamin C can reduce stroke by 50%. Not only gourd but also other fruits that contain lots of vitamin C.

6. Treating cancer

Furthermore, the health benefits of bottle gourd is treating cancer. This is obtained thanks to the presence of vitamin C. Vitamin C is said to be able to neutralize the effects of chemotherapy drugs. It is can inhibits the killing of the normal cell.

7. Prevent the flu and colds

Bottle gourd also has tremendous benefits for treating colds and flu. In addition, Vitamin C in bottle gourd are also beneficial to boost immunity so that the body is strong against cold and flu viruses.

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It also lowers the risk of further health problems, namely lung infections and pneumonia.

8. Maintain a healthy liver

Zinc helps reduce infection and liver damage. The health benefits of bottle gourd also helps cleanse the liver, cure inflammation, assist in the absorption of nutrients. High content of zinc that make good for heart health and help improve liver function.

So, the health benefits of bottle gourd is tremendous, we must give attention to this vegetable, and include it in our daily diet. The vegetable is cheap but full health benefits.