Home Remedies 17 Best Ashwagandha Benefits for Men and Female, Side Effects

17 Best Ashwagandha Benefits for Men and Female, Side Effects

Ashwagandha is an ancient herbal remedy that was very popular for thousands of years ago. Ashwagandha benefits for men and female have proved very wonderful. This ancient herb is one of the powerful ayurvedic. Its name is diverse in accordance with certain areas. Some call it as Indian ginseng, Withania sominifera, winter cherry and poison gooseberry. Ashwagandha is popular as ginseng india, but this plant botanically relate with ginseng. Ashwagandha’s rejuvenating properties are known as Indian ginseng.

In the past, Ashwagandha was found in desert areas such as the Middle East, North Africa and India. However, because it has many benefits such as the benefits of Ashwagandha for men, then this plant is cultivated manually in various countries and even in non-dry countries.

Ashwagandha’s benefits for health are immense, both for women and for men’s health at all ages. This plant is popular with the benefits of balancing hormones and fighting health symptoms associated to aging. Research shows that Ashwagandha is a healing herb and already has a reputation in this regard. Although Ashwagandha’s benefits greatly to women, but this time we specifically mention the benefits of Ashwagandha for men.

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Ashwagandha Health Benefits for Men

Ashwagandha benefits for men

1. Controlling stress

Ashwagandha has great benefits in regulating health and one of the benefits is managing stress. The hormone responsible for stress is cortisol, whatever kind of stress all of it comes from the cortisol hormone. Consuming Ashwagandha proven to reduce this hormone up to 27.9%.

2. Reduce anxiety

Anxiety often haunts any man especially when he wants to do something very important to him like presenting business and other things. Moreover if it is done in front of the person he loves. He must be very anxious, whether to finish it well or not. Ashwagandha benefits able to give you confidence and make you happy. It makes you relax and can solve problems well.

3. Increase immunity

This ayurvedic herb is great for improving body immunity. Consuming Ashwagandha regularly can keep your health well. This ancient remedy will help fight the common diseases because its contain anti-Malaria and anti-inflammatory.

4. Increases stamina and strength

Ashwagandha usefulness for men is increase male stamina and strength. Consuming regularly will provide tremendous benefits in addition to stamina and muscle size. This Ayurvedic medicine also helps your workout in the gym and helps to recovery muscle injuries after exercise.

5. Improve memory and cognitive function

Benefits Ashwagandha is reduce stress with decreased hormone cortisol. This results in increase brain function. When the brain is healthy then the various problems can you solve well, but it can also increase the level of concentration.

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6. Increase Testosterone Level

Furthermore, Ashwagandha health benefits for men is help to increase the testosterone level, so it is relate to male fertility. Its will increase the fertility rate for men as well as increase stamina. It is the safest drug to increase male testosterone without any side effects.

The benefit is extraordinary because it provides plus benefits for men’s health. Among them are reducing anxiety, improving sexual health, increased testosterone, increasing immunity, and increase male strength.

7. Increase Sexual Performance

This is an Ashwagandha benefits for men that are very popular in all age. The benefits are quite a lot and among them is increase sexual health, stamina, libido, encourage your sexual performance. Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurveda that balances hormones and defends them. This function will increase the number of sperm and increase its mobility.

8. Improve the quality of sleep

Consuming Ashwagandha can sedate you to sleep soundly. Many men do not sleep at night and the reasons are diverse, including stress. If you are one of them, consume Ashwagandha before sleep, this is useful to help you in sleeping.

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9. Prevent premature aging

Age is growing every day, and the human body is also getting older. As age grows, muscles become more slack and organ function decreases. Ashwagandha Supplements help your health in the old days. This ancient medicine able keep the tissue healthy and prevent wrinkles and eliminate inflammation that may occur in your joints.

The elderly are very good to consume Ashwagandha because it is able to stabilize health and keep the organ function properly.

Ashwagandha Health Benefits for Female

Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that is still being studied for its health benefits. Until now, it is known that there are several good effects on the body of both men and women. Above we already know the benefits of ashwagandha for male, and now when we see what are the benefits of ashwagandha for female.

10. Help Relieve From Stress and Anxiety

One of the benefits of ashwagandha for women is dealing with stress by preventing or lowering cortisol. These are the same benefits of ashwagandha as you men.

Ashwagandha makes women experience comfort, relief, from chronic fatigue, and insomnia.

11. Helps reduce inflammation

Inflammation is a normal condition of the body reacting to infection, trauma, and toxins that enter the body. In this case the body reacts by producing anti-inflammatory to restore the condition.

But in the case of chronic inflammation, the body is unable or fails to release anti-inflammatory so that the inflammation gets worse.

12. Benefits of ashwagandha to improve focus

One of the health benefits of ashwagandha for women is that it improves concentration, improves memory and cognition.

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Consuming ashwagandha allows the body to utilize oxygen to its full potential, thereby increasing focus and concentration.

13. Helps in Cancer

Another benefit is preventing cancer, ashwagandha contains compounds withaferin which can induce apoptosis (death of unwanted cells), this can help kill cancer cells. Apart from killing cancer cells, it also helps prevent the growth of new cancer cells.

For women, one of the benefits of ashwagandha is to prevent breast cancer which is a cancer that many women experience and can prevent ovarian cancer.

14. Normalize the menstrual cycle

Menstrual cramps, delayed or irregular periods are problems related to fertility. Problems like this are often experienced by women because there is often stress on them.

Behind the problem of female infertility, it is usually related to hormonal problems. In essence, ashwagandha is a beneficial herb for this.

15. Acts as a Sexual Stimulant

Another benefit of ashwagandha for women is to increase their sexual arousal. Research says that ashwagandha has benefits for women in preventing and treating sexual dysfunction problems. Using ashwagandha regularly can increase orgasm and sufficient lubrication in a husband and wife relationship.

16. Contributes to Heart Health

Consuming Ashwagandha is beneficial for increasing oxygen in the body, good oxygen levels in the body are related to cardiorespiratory endurance. This indicates a healthy flow of oxygen between the lungs and heart during physical activity.

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So, including ashwagandha in the diet can treat cholesterol, chest pain, and high blood pressure as well as various other indications of heart disease.

17. Ashwagandha Combat the Vaginal Infection

Ashwagandha is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so it is useful in treating vaginal infections. If you have a yeast infection, many reproductive health professionals recommend using ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha Side Effects

Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian medicine that is used to manage stress and calm the rigidity of the mind. Modern research has found that the health benefits of Ashwagandha are not only that, but this herb is also beneficial in improving memory, cognition, strengthening muscles, and increasing fertility in men.

Taking Ashwagandha rarely causes complications and side effects. However, if there are side effects and complications, it can be dangerous for health. Among the complications of consuming Ashwagandha are liver injury, allergic reactions and fast heart rate. But there are also mild side effects and this is common, the mild side effects of Ashwagandha usually go away when you stop using it.

Ashwagandha side effects occur when a person consumes it in excessive amounts, so you should always pay attention to the levels recommended by your doctor. While the general dosage of consuming Ashwagandha is as follows:

  • 1,000 milligrams (mg) to 6,000 mg of root powder
  • 500 mg to 1500 mg of root extract

If you frequently consume Ashwagandha, then you should not only know the health benefits of Ashwagandha but you should be more aware of its side effects. Here are some of the potential side effects of using Ashwagandha as a medicine.

1. Nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea

The most common side effect of using ashwagandha is stomach discomfort such as stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

A large dose of ashwagandha is 6000 mg for the root powder, and 1500 mg for the root extract. Consuming too much sometimes causes irritation to the lining of the stomach. That’s according to Khara Jefferson, DNP, APRN, owner of KAJ Wellness Professionals, LLC.

This is a mild side effect and will usually go away on its own when you stop using it.

2. Drowsiness

Ashwagandha side effects also cause drowsiness, so this is one way to improve the quality of your sleep. However, for some consumers, drowsiness is something they don’t want because it can interfere with their work and can be dangerous when driving.

Jefferson says that ashwagandha’s has a sedative effect and it’s similar to what you’d see in people taking other sedatives. For example, benzodiazepines and barbiturates. So, eating ashwagandha can cause unbearable drowsiness. If you already know the risks and side effects of ashwagandha, then you can condition yourself with the possible effects.

Who Should Not Take Ashwagandha

Actually, before taking any supplement, everyone should consult a doctor. Likewise with ashwagandha, even sometimes there are people with certain conditions who absolutely should not take it.

Some people who should avoid ashwagandha altogether include:

  1. If you are pregnant: Ashwagandha is an abortive herbal remedy, then for pregnant women it should be avoided altogether. Ashwagandha contains substances that are capable of aborting the womb, premature birth, or uterine contractions. So, pregnant women should stay away from this herbal remedy altogether.
  2. If you have thyroid problems or are taking thyroid medication: Ashwagandha is an herb that has been shown to alter thyroid function and increase thyroid hormone, which is dangerous for people with hyperthyroidism. So, it is very important for those of you who want to take any supplements to tell your doctor about your actual condition.
  3. Suffering from hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: Ashwagandha can increase the hormone testosterone, and this is dangerous for patients with prostate cancer.
  4. If you are taking benzodiazepines, anticonvulsants, or barbiturates: If you are taking these drugs, then you are one of those people who should avoid ashwagandha because ashwagandha can cause drowsiness, and this will increase the effect of drowsiness on you.
  5. A person with an autoimmune condition: There is one more thing you should not use ashwagandha, this is if you have an autoimmune disease. This is because ashwagandha is immunostimulating, meaning it can increase immunity, ashwagandha means it can reduce the effects of the drug.

In addition to the people with above condition, ashwagandha should also be avoided by some people with the following health conditions. At least, before taking ashwagandha you should consult a doctor, if you are:

Have diabetes: If you have diabetes, then you should consult a doctor if you want to use ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is said to lower blood sugar, so you have to be careful not to drop your blood sugar.

Ulcer patients: If you suffer from ulcers, you should also consult a doctor if you want to take ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is known to erode the lining of the digestive tract, meaning it can worsen ulcers in your stomach.

Those are some of ashwagandha health benefits for men you should know. Ancient herbs capable of providing thousands benefits and efficacy.