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5 Active Release Technique Health Benefits

Active release technique is a relieving technique for muscle tension. It is will provides great benefits to the overall quality of your life. This eliminates muscle tension technique can relieve stress of muscles and joints and also can revive the dead muscle due to injury.

Active release technique is a soft tissue therapy that helps relieve nervous tension, muscle and joint stress. This therapy can provide healing for those of you who injured in muscle or strained muscles and nerves. So, we strongly recommend that you try Active release technique to provide quality of life.

What is the Active Release Technique?

ART technique is a way of healing that was first introduced by P. Michael Leahy. He is a certified chiropractic sports physician. This doctors have found ways and techniques for healing patients with various chronic disease including injuries.

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Active release technique is similar to massage, but have significant differences between them. This healing technique works by manipulating the soft tissues that provide comfort with a strained muscle and nerves. Later, these treatments often do not use drugs to cure but work by affecting the connective tissue (fascia), the major ligaments and muscles. Active release technique aims to restore the normal state of the muscle and nerve tissue.

How ART Work?

ART technique has two key objectives for preventing and decide dense tissue from wounds. It is also called adhesions, he restricts normal movement between the joints and muscles due to abnormal binding between both of them.

Here are some health benefits of ART that you should know.

Active Release Technique Benefits

Active Release Technique Benefits

1. Increased flexibility

This treatment will relax the muscles and soft tissues, thereby reducing the stickiness between the muscles and joints. Based on the results of the study showed that ART treatment will help to improve the flexibility of muscles, stiff joints due to injury so you can easily move like normal.

2. Increase the ability of movement after injury

The study found that Active release technique provides the capability of motion for those experiencing musculoskeletal disorders due to injury. Not only that but ART is now believed has a capable of treating chronic neck pain due to sports, work or specific exercises.

3. Reduces Chronic Lower Back Pain

A study in 2013 conducted by the Korean Academy of Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science found that ART treatment can help lower the symptoms associated with lower back pain. It is considered as the main source of dysfunction in adults.

In treatment, ART helps break down scar tissue and release the compressed nerve tissue.

4. Cure carpal tunnel syndrome

A discovery in 2006 that published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine said that active release technique can give great benefit to patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. So, ART is an effective strategy for these patients.

5. Prevent Running Injury and Improve Performance for Athlete

ART treatment now believed to be a treatment that can provide quick recovery of the injuring muscle or joint. Not only that but the Active Release Technique also improve athletic performance.

So, now ART become one of the fastest recovery method for athletes who suffering from serious injuries. This is done to restore normal muscle tone and function of the connective tissue, reduce the accumulation of fibrous tissue and maintain the elasticity of the body.

Conclusions About Active Release Technique

ART is a treatment model that works by manipulating soft tissue to break the scar tissue or Adhesions.

The treatment usually do not use drugs but use the connective tissue (fascia), the major ligaments and muscles.

ART helps the prevention of injury, increase range of motion, speed recovery in athletes and increasing the level of flexibility.

This technique is a model movement that patented, said to have more than 500 movements in healing. All about Active release technique provide completely at their website.