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5 Foods That Kill Testosterone

5 Foods Kill Testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that is essential for muscle growth and maintaining muscle density. So, if you are doing exercises to increase muscle growth then testosterone should be high. However, many of the foods we consume sometimes kill our testosterone. So, for someone who is trying to get the right muscle mass and good weight, he should pay attention to the foods.

You can exercise hard in the gym, but if your testosterone is lacking, you will not easily achieve what you want. So, increasing the testosterone hormone will help your workout. For that, recognize food that kill testosterone.

The T hormone is created in men, while in women it is known as the estrogen hormone. With age, one’s testosterone will be converted to estrogen. It mean, the level of the hormone T decreases and the hormone E increases. Well, if you experience this, then you will be hard to raise muscle mass even your libido will decrease over time.

When the hormone estrogen increases in the body, you will feel some negative effects. It is include fatigue, reduced libido, loss of muscle mass, and increased body fat levels.

Your exercise to achieve ideal muscle mass will be difficult if your body stores a lot of estrogen. One of the causes of reduce the testosterone is food we consume daily. Here are some of them:

The 5 Foods That Kill Testosterone

There are several types of foods that we do not realize that raises our estrogen so that lowers testosterone or decreases. For that, the steps to be taken is to avoid and forget the foods that popular with “testosterone killer foods”.

1. Alcohol


Foods That Kill Testosterone
Foods That Kill Testosterone

You definitely like alcoholic beverages, most of you will love it. But I want to say that if you love your body, you should stop drinking it. Replace your alcohol with a healthy drink such as coconut water or mineral water. You may have fun with alcohol, but the fact is you are killing yourself gradually.

Especially if you’re on a healthy diet. If you are have been building muscle or doing certain exercises to get good muscle mass, leave alcohol and avoid it. All of them who want to get a body shape, they leave alcoholic beverages. Alcohol enters the intestine and its kills your sex drive.

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2. Soybeans

Soy is Foods Kill Testosterone

Furthermore, one of foods that damaging testosterone or killing your sex drive is soy. But in this case there are many who argue. Some say kill testosterone and some say no.

A study revealed that eating soy causes high concentrations of Equol chemicals in the gut. This chemicals help to lower testosterone levels. So, if the results say like that, then cut soy from your food.

3. Sugar

Sugar is a bad food for dental health. Sugar, can also gain your weight and increase fat accumulation. But, did you know that sugar has negative effect to testosterone increasing.

About this, there is a study in Oxford involving 75 men, and each of them is given 75 grams of sugar. Apparently, the results are very surprising, all of them have decreased testosterone levels up to 25%. So, avoid eating sugary foods, and avoid sugar from your coffee.

4. Milk

This is not food, but milk is the toughest testosterone killer. So I have to put it in my list of 5 foods that kill your testosterone hormone. But this makes sense, you know that all milk in the production of pregnant cows. Well, the female cow has a high estrogen hormone increase. So, avoid or limit milk from your life, keep your coffee black without any milk mix.

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5. Refined Biscuits, Crackers, Carbs IE Cakes, Cereals, Chocolate

These foods also includes bad food for T hormone. You should also not include them into your daily diet especially if you in weight loss. Why do these foods kill testosterone? Simple or refined carbohydrates turn into high-sugar foods. So, sugar is a food that can dramatically decrease Testosterone levels.

These are the 5 foods that kill testosterone, probably more than five. However, it is a common and popular foods as a killer for T hormone. If you leave this food in your diet, it is likely that your muscle mass will increase as your testosterone increases.