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9 Amazing of Wintergreen Essential Oil Benefits

Wintergreen essential oil benefits can not be separate from the extraordinary content. This magical oil contains extraordinary properties such as analgesic, antispasmodic, anodyne, anti rheumatic, anti arthritis, diuretic, aromatic, antiseptic, emmenagogue, and has stimulant properties. That’s as much as wintergreen oil has incredible health benefits.

Those who suffer from rheumatism, gout, bone pain, and arthritis are familiar and often use this oil because it benefits as an oil to treat the problem. Usually wintergreen oil is often found in every homes because of the general health benefits, almost all their problems can use this oil as a solution. Wintergreen essential oil can now be found easily in traditional drugstores. It is an oil that comes from North America which is then famous everywhere.

The wintergreen oil has the scientific name “gautheria procumbens”, the two basic compounds that make up this essential oil are methyl salicylate and gaultherylene. Both are very important in providing health benefits of wintergreen essential oil.

9 Wintergreen Essential Oil Benefits

Well, once we know this oil, now we see the health benefits of wintergreen oil.

1. Act as an analgesic

The presence of methyl silicylate gives numbness so good in use for pain relief. In addition, this oil also provides warmth in the area in the rub and another extraordinary benefit is to smooth the flow of blood.

2. Relax the body

This is thanks to an agent that eliminates the pain that brings blessings to relaxation. Wintergreen essential oil not only relieves pain but also relieves tension and stress. Another benefit that feels directly is provide a restful sleep for those who never get quality sleep.

3. Relieves Spasms

Furthermore, the health benefits of wintergreen oil is lowering the risk of spasms. Wintergreen oil contains a relaxing effect that provides treatment against seizures, breathing, digestion, muscle, eliminating congestion on the chest, spasmodic cough, indigestion, muscle cramps, seizures and powerful against various nervous disorders.

4. Treating arthritis

Furthermore, the wintergreen essential oil benefits is to treat arthritis and rheumatism. With these two methods, he is able to cope and treat joint pain disease. First: use on the outside of the skin will penetrate into the skin, muscles and stimulate blood flow to the diseased site. It is will remove the blood flow barrier and provide a warm sensation in the area.

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In addition, when the wintergreen essential oil penetrates the muscle, it prevents rheumatic formation and buildup of uric acid. The second way: The absorption of wintergreen oil by the skin will enter into the bloodstream, this will stimulate the increased disposal of small water. The high frequency of water drain will speed up the process of removing toxins from the body, eliminating excess body fluids, fat, salt and lose weight.

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5. Prevent microbial infections

Wintergreen essential oil is also toxic which can cause fatal to human if not careful to take it. The same will happen to bacteria and viruses, this ability is usually used to kill Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. But, the using of wintergreen oil to kill bacteria should not be contact with blood and not be applied to open wounds.

So, it should not treat sepsis by consuming it internally, but you simply smear wintergreen oil externally. When applied to the skin, then skin tissue will absorb this oil and enter into the bloodstream and treat internal organs.

6. Eliminate odors

The smell of odor oil is sometimes useful to cover up other bad smells. However, wintergreen oil should not be used indiscriminately because it has a very strong concentration.

7. Works as an astringent

As a natural astringent, wintergreen oil is useful for inducing contractions in muscles, blood vessels, skin, and at the root of the hair. This process will make your skin become tight and look like youthful.

8. Promotes Urination

The next benefit is to support urination. The wintergreen oil stimulates the bladder organs and the kidneys filtering system thus increasing the frequency of small water discharges. As we mentioned above, this will quickly relieve toxins, remove excessive uric acid and salt in the body to avoid high blood pressure, rheumatic, arthritis, and edema diseases. In fact, it also helps to lose weight and maintain kidney health.

9. Stimulate blood flow

Health benefits of wintergreen essential oil also stimulate blood flow. At first, it stimulates the appearance of gastric juice, hormones, bile, uterine secretion, ovaries, and secrete urine by involving stimulation of the liver, bladder, endocrine glands, and uterus.

Another benefit is stimulate blood flow, nourish the digestion, lymph, nerves and excretion systems.

Uses and Effectiveness of Wintergreen Oil

Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for

  • Headaches.
  • Gas (flatulence).
  • Stomachache.
  • fever.
  • Minor aches and pains.
  • Kidney problems.
  • Nerve pain.
  • asthma.
  • gout.
  • Menstrual cramps.
  • Arthritis.
  • Achy joints (rheumatism).
  • Other conditions.

More evidence is still needed to be able to claim wintergreen oil use for the things above.

Risks and Side Effects of Wintergreen Essential Oil

Talking about wintergreen essential oil, this is a safe oil to use even research shows that it is safe to use. However, you should be aware that if wintergreen essential oil is used in excess, it can be toxic and even painful when in contact with the skin.

Avoid using wintergreen oil in excess, just use it in small amounts, especially for those who want to try it. So, be careful using this oil and keep it away from your eyes, mucous membranes like inside the nose, and away from babies and your pets.

This is due to the presence of methyl salicylate from wintergreen essential oil, it is harmful to open wounds, internally harmful, harmful to babies, children, and anyone with allergies.

For owners of sensitive skin, you should be careful using various types of essential oils including wintergreen essential oil. If circumstances make you have to use it, first try a drop or two and see how it reacts. Make sure this oil is safe on your skin before you use it in large amounts on your body.

Remember! Avoid using wintergreen essential oil internally unless you are advised by a medical professional. Ingesting wintergereen oil can cause dangerous side effects, including:

  • Flushing
  • Heartburn
  • Sprue
  • Rash
  • Headache
  • Acid reflux

In addition, what you should pay attention to is that some prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also cause negative effects from using wintergereen essential oil internally. If you are taking asthma or digestive medications, blood thinners, pain medications or anticoagulants, talk to your doctor about possible side effects.

Taking wintegreen oil in large amounts, can cause things like the above and include ringing in the ears, and confusion. If you have sensitive skin, when applied to the skin, wintergreen oil can cause irritation.

Special Precautions and Warnings

Some specific caveats to using wintergreen essential oil include:

1. Children

For children, wintergreen leaves and essential oil can be toxic and can kill them. If taking 4 – 10 ml of this oil by mouth, then this can be lethal. This oil will be dangerous for children under 2 years.

2. Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Wintergreen would be safe if the amount is present in food, but there is not enough information to know if this oil is safe in large amounts for pregnant and lactating women.

So, for pregnant or lactating women you should stay away from this oil either orally or topically. So, it is possible that wintergreen oil is toxic to pregnant and nursing mothers. So, the safest way is to stay away from it.

3. Inflammation of the intestine or stomach

A side effect of wintergreen essential oil can also be inflammation of the intestines. So, we say that consuming or using wintergreen oil orally is harmful to health.

4. Salicylate or aspirin allergy, asthma, or nasal polyps

Wintergreen oil can also affect or cause allergies in those who are allergic to aspirin, and other salicylic compounds.

If you have a medical condition like this, then be careful using wintergreen essential oil.


Wintergreen essential oil is also known to interact with several types of drugs.

– Warfarin (Coumadin) Interaction Rating: Major Do not take this combination.

Warfarin (Coumadin) is a drug that slows blood clotting, and wintergreen oil also has the same benefit of slowing blood clotting, increasing the chances of bruising and bleeding.

– Aspirin Interaction Interaction Rating: Moderate, Be cautious with this combination. Talk to the drug provider!

Wintergreen oil contains chemicals similar to those in aspirin. Thus, using wintergreen oil on the skin extensively could increase the risk of side effects or could exacerbate wintergreen side effects. So, don’t overuse wintergreen essential oil on your skin while you’re taking aspirin.

How to Use (Recipes) Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen essential oil always provides many health benefits as long as you use 100% organic, pure and therapeutic oil. One sign of pure wintergreen oil is that it is yellow or pale yellow or pinkish yellow. So, avoid pure wintergreen oil which is green or blue in color due to artificial coloring.

Look for wintergreen oil which has a pleasant smell but is not unpleasant or sour. If you’ve got the purest oil you’ve been hoping for, then use it properly, here are some uses of wintergreen essential oil for its various benefits.

1. Aromatically

For aromatherapy, try using wintergreen essential oil in a diffuser to diffuse it into the air in your room. You can inhale the smell directly from the bottle.

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2. Internally

It is safe to eat wintergreen plant leaves in food and they can be eaten. But don’t use wintergreen essential oil in a concentrated manner internally as this can be toxic. This oil is high in methyl salicylate which can be bad for internal health if used internally. This can be bad for the heart, intestines, etc.

Some health parties do use it internally in treatment, but its use must be used carefully and under supervision. Many people report that they have no side effects when taking them internally, but what you should know is that interactions and reactions vary from person to person.

3. Topically

Topical use is also not recommended unless properly diluted with a carrier oil. If it’s your first time using it, then test it first with a small dose to see how it reacts to your skin.

Some good oils to use as carrier oils for dissolving wintergreen oil are olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil and jojoba. Then, apply it on the skin and massage gently. Using a small amount of wintergreen essential oil has great health benefits, but using it in large amounts will not increase the benefits, but can actually be harmful.