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Tightening Your Vagina Muscles: Natural Remedies

What many women refer to as a loose vagina is essentially vaginal relaxation. The medical term is vaginal relaxation syndrome. It is extremely common among ageing women. Young women may also experience vaginal relaxation but the effects may be temporary. There are many causes and facilitators of vaginal relaxation syndrome. Aged women will experience the vaginal wall relaxing naturally. Menopause and hormones do play a quintessential role. Vaginal wall relaxation can be facilitated and even worsened by multiple childbirths.

Vaginal relaxation is also known as vaginal atrophy. Atrophy can affect any part of the body where there is a substantial degeneration of cells. A common form of atrophy is muscle wasting. The muscles in the vaginal area can waste away. This is what vaginal atrophy essential is and this can be a chronic problem.

It is necessary for women to be conscious of vaginal relaxation, regardless of age and cause or causes. Timely intervention can prevent further vaginal relaxation. Appropriate remedies will regulate the symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome. It is indeed possible to alleviate the symptoms and restore vaginal firmness. Effectively, you can manage a loose vagina and make it tight or firm as it was before. You may also consider using natural vaginal tightening creams or gels, like V-Tight Gel (see https://dvhc.org/v-tight-gel-review/ for a full review).

Natural Remedies for Tightening your Vaginal Muscles

There are many ways to tighten your vaginal muscles. Some are invasive procedures such as vaginoplasty. It is a reconstructive plastic surgery. Most women want to avoid vaginoplasty for its many side effects. The cost is also a factor. You may end up paying up to ten thousand dollars. Those who do not experience the desired results may have to go for a second and in some cases a third surgery. That would only add to the cost and also make a woman more vulnerable to the serious side effects, some of which can be long-term and irrevocable. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies for tightening your vagina muscles.

1. You can go for gooseberries. All you have to do is boil gooseberries in water to create a solution. Choose proportionate quantities of gooseberries and water. The solution you make should be in a liquid state but it should not be too diluted. Do not make it a gel like solution. Aim for a consistency that is akin to unrefined oils or natural lotions that you use for skincare. Store the gooseberries solution in a disinfected glass bottle. Keep it in a dry place, away from heat and sunlight. Use a bit of this solution and apply it to the area around your vagina every day before shower. You may also apply the solution over your vagina but do not apply it inside the vaginal walls. This remedy will help to restore the natural suppleness and elasticity of your vagina.

2. Oak gall is another natural remedy. It is a Thai herb that is a natural lubricant. It is also soothing so if you have any inflammations in or around the vagina, there would be a pleasant relief and you would also experience tightening of your vaginal walls. Another herb is Curcuma comosa. Use it for a month and you would not only restore the tightness of your vagina muscles but also help in healing and strengthening your pelvic tissues. The herb can also strengthen the walls supporting the uterus.

3. Pueraria mirifica is more commonly associated with breast enlargement. It is also somewhat effective at enhancing the tightness of vagina muscles. You will feel a firmer vagina if you use this home remedy for a few weeks. Beside that, You may also use witch hazel. You can take the herb and grind it to a powdery state and then wash your vaginal area. Do so once every seven or ten days. Observe the difference and continue or discontinue. Black cohosh has been proven to be effective too, especially for women aged fifty and older.

4. Finally, there is the good old aloe vera. It can prevent the prolapse of the vaginal wall or muscles. Aloe vera is also effective at preventing irritation and dryness in the vagina. Many other genital problems can be painlessly managed using aloe vera.

Don’t Forget Exercise for Pelvic Muscles, Lower Abdomen and Vagina

There are some adverse effects of growing old. Hormones change and so does bodyweight. There comes a time when every person would experience muscle wasting. This is not unique for men or women. Muscle wasting does not have to be muscle atrophy in every case. Loss of healthy muscles and lean mass is common among people aged sixty and above. Some women may experience early signs of aging, especially related to the vagina. Many realities contribute to vaginal relaxation syndrome. Your bodyweight and core strength will play a role.

You should endorse exercise as one of the natural remedies for tightening your vaginal muscles. It is even possible for relatively younger women, those in their midlives, to exercise and restore the firmness of their vaginas. There are special exercises for pelvic muscles, lower abdomen and also for the vagina. Yoga and Pilates can definitely help. Aerobics, Kegel, and cardio exercise also help. Losing weight to maintain a healthier body mass index, working on the pelvic floor to strengthen it and to lift it up, nutritious diet to balance hormones and avoiding sedentary choices would help women to restore the natural firmness of vagina.

Women should not only be promptly reactive to vaginal relaxation syndrome but also be proactive. Your vagina will relax and loosen up at some point in time. It is really a matter of when and not if. Maintain a healthy body weight, eat right, exercise and take good care of your overall health so you can delay the onset of the earliest signs of vaginal relaxation. Whenever you encounter the first signs of vaginal relaxation syndrome, take appropriate measures and start using the aforementioned natural remedies. You should be regular with the exercises for pelvic muscles and lower abdomen. Opt for a multipronged strategy if one does not have the desired effect in your case.