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The 3 Nights That Made Me Fall In Love With CBD

I am a huge fan of CBD and have been for years now. There was a time in my life where I merely dabbled in CBD and because of my lacking regularity, had not yet experienced what cannabidiol is truly capable of. Now I use CBD edibles and vape pens as a way of staying on top of my general wellness and am eternally grateful for having discovered my love of CBD.

Before I was a daily CBD user and enthusiast, I used CBD from time to time in an attempt to settle fits of anxiety. I was wholly unaware at this point in my life that CBD works best if you use it daily. It was by mistake that I discovered how much I benefit from regular CBD use and I am happy to share my story in hopes that it will help inspire you to develop more regimented CBD practices.

Night 1: Los Angeles To Paris

As I stated a little earlier, I was not at all a regular CBD user, but did find that it helped me when I was feeling a bit anxious. At the time I was working as an exotic animal recruiter for petting zoos and had scored an opportunity to check out some extremely rare goats at a zoo in leipzig. The only problem was that I had to get there.

I hadn’t been striking it rich in the petting zoo game and had very little money saved, but being that this trip could make all the difference in my not-so-blossoming career, I was willing to scrape up my last few cents and make it work. Needless to say, that anxiety was creeping in and I knew darn well that when it was time to travel I was going to be in for it.

It turned out that the cheapest way to get to Leipzig was to fly into paris and take a 17 hour bus ride the rest of the way to germany. So I stocked up on CBD to assist me in my travels, booked a plane ticket from los angeles to paris and away I went. I was set to fly out in the middle of the night and as I arrived at the airport I felt my anxiety creep in. No problem. I took out my handy CBD tincture, took a couple droppers full and a couple full breaths and made my way to the most relaxing 14 hour flight I’ve ever been on.

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Night 2: Paris To Germany

Once I arrived in Paris, I promptly grabbed my bags and headed for the bus stop outside the airport. I don’t speak french so finding the bus terminal proved to be remarkably difficult. I started to panic. What if I don’t make my bus? What if I never get my hands on these exotic Goats? My stress levels instantly shot through the roof.

Hours had passed and it was now dark. In my panic I had completely forgotten about the CBD gummies that I had brought with me in my prisonpocket. This would be the perfect way to put a little pep in my step and regain my chill. I reached down, yanked out my cbd gummies and tossed a couple back. I remember them tasting particularly sweet. Maybe it was the perfectly sweet contrast to my perfectly bitter mood or maybe it was the incredible compounds from the hemp extract, but I was starting to feel better.

As I started to relax, I was able to remember enough travelers french to ask where the bus stop was. I found it in the nick of time and just as my bus was loading the final passenger, I ran up and got onboard.

Night 3. The Leipzig Zoo

After a soothing, CBD-filled 17 hour bus ride I was more than a little excited to get to the zoo in leipzig and check out some exotic Goats. I had used up all of my CBD gummies by this point but had started to really see the value in regular CBD use, so I reached in my luggage, pulled out my CBD tincture, and put it in my pocket for later.

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After dropping my bags off with the friendly zoo keeper who had agreed to let me sleep in an old monkey enclosure for a few nights, I headed to the back-stage of the petting zoo. It was time for me to finally meet these exotic goats that I had heard so much about. Normally an interaction as exciting as this would have led me down a spiral of panicked thoughts, but I was finding it incredibly easy to keep my cool.

That’s when it hit me; using CBD regularly is the way to go. I would have been completely panicked before, but I had been consistently dosing myself with CBD and I could feel the benefits more than ever before. The goats were the most beautiful things I had ever seen by the way. An unexplainable magic that left me feeling as if I had seen a new color. The goats brought me to the closest I’ve ever been to believing in a higher power. If you use CBD I highly recommend doing so regularly. You will be amazed at the difference.