Home Remedies 7 Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies

7 Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies

Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies – Swollen tonsils is one type of disease that tortures the esophagus. This disease occurs caused by bacteria and viruses that infect the tonsils area so as provide discomfort in the throat.

In general, the tonsils are lymph node disease located at the back of the esophagus. Thyroid disease causes a person difficult to eat and drink and is always haunted by the discomfort in the throat.

The severity of the disease depends on the infection. If the infection is severe then the prescribed treatment is also in accordance with the problems that occur. Maybe doctors treat with anti-biotic or by spraying on the tonsils.

In addition to modern treatment for lymph node disease, there are also several types of traditional medicine that are known to treat potable tonsillitis.

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This home treatment has been known and done by society some times ago. They use it to provide relief and healing to tonsillitis problems. So, to get a natural remedies for your tonsils just use the following home treatments:

7 Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies

1. Chicken Soup

Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies

Eating hot chicken soup is also known as a potent drug for inflammation. Chicken soup contains anti-inflammatory that can provide peace of swelling of the tonsils. Not only that, but eating chicken soup is also good to relieve sore throat. See more: Chicken Feet Health Benefits

2. Gargle with salt water

Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies

This is an amazing ancient remedy. Salt water can reduce inflammation in the tonsils. In addition, salt water also helps fight against viruses and bacteria that cause swelling of the tonsils.

3. Garlic and honey

honey and garlic Swollen Tonsils Remedies

Honey and garlic are known to contain high antioxidants that are good for treating tonsils. Both are very powerful against bacteria and cure swollen tonsils. More: Garlic for health benefits

4. Orange Juice With Water

Tonsils Home Remedies

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C to boost immunity and also act as antioxidants. To relieve swollen tonsils, drink 1/4 cup water mixed with 1 cup orange juice. This drink will provide relief and reduce swelling.

5. Basil

The Tonsils Home Remedies

Furthermore, the swollen tonsils home remedies is basil. It contains healing properties that give relief. Basil tea or basil leaves are beneficial for health in fighting inflammation. Using the basil leaves is very powerful to get rid of swelling of the tonsils.

6. Cinnamon With Warm Water

cinnamon Swollen Tonsils Home Remedies 2

Cinnamon contains anti-bacteria and has been known for centuries as a powerful home remedy against various bacterial diseases. How to make a concoction is very simple, you simply mixture cinnamon powder with warm water and drink every day until the problem of tonsils decreases.

7. Honey mix with turmeric

Honey and turmeric for tonsils

Honey is a cure for all diseases, while turmeric also great against various health problems. If these two natural ingredients are combined it will produce tremendous benefits to cure inflammation and swelling.